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The fast and the furiously hungry External website

by Greg Taylor, 30/10/2014

Need curry paste in a hurry? A bottle of fizz in a flash? Jalapenos in a jiffy? ShopWings, launched last week in Munich, is a new online grocery service that delivers within two hours of your order being placed.

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Nostalgic Christmas ads might be a thing of the past External website

by Daniel Todaro, 30/10/2014

Another year brings another fanfare as mid-Autumn ads from the big brands are rolled out to entice consumers to spend big both in-store and online this Christmas.

Last year we had Debenhams highlighting its elegant clothing, M&S taking us down the rabbit hole, and of course – who can forget – John Lewis’ Bear and the Hare. Christmas ads inevitably form part of the national psyche in the run-up to the festive period, so it’s crucial that brands get it right. It’s a huge opportunity to connect with and reach consumers at a time when their attention turns to budgeting for Christmas.

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Happy 20th birthday to the display ad External website

by Ben Plomion, 30/10/2014

This week exactly 20 years ago, the very first online ad, by AT&T, was introduced to the world. It had a 44% click-through rate, and marketers were ecstatic.

This ad from AT&T that appeared on (now was simple, yet effective, and was enough to launch an entire industry over the next two decades.

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Head over wheels External website

by Greg Taylor, 29/10/2014

Anyone who’s driven in India (or attempted to cross the street there, for that matter) will know the country doesn’t have the highest levels of road safety.

Enter The Good Road, an initiative supported by Castrol and the Bangalore Traffic Police.

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Clinique brings socially-activated art to Covent Garden External website

by Rachel Bull, 29/10/2014

Look up if you’re passing through Covent Garden this weekend.

Beauty brand Clinique will be suspending a glowing orb eight metres above the ground from 31 October to 1 November – its first social media-activated art installation.

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Stop. Check. Post? External website

by Hannah Jones, 29/10/2014

We are in an age of Too Much Information. The proliferation of social media, coupled with our desire to share every moment of our lives with friends and followers means we’re constantly exposed to (depending on how old you are) babies, weddings, foodporn, running routes, holiday photos and party pics.

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The importance of customer service (2) External website

by Hugh Salmon, 29/10/2014

The man dozed.

For the first time in over a year, he could lie in late in bed. Time to rest from the hassles of home. Phew. Two weeks alone on the Greek Island he loved and

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Johnny Cupcakes bakes a Linkin Park Halloween treat External website

by Chris J Reed, 28/10/2014

This Halloween brand partnership made me smile. Two very cool brands coming together to create something unique, a great customer experience and a real word-of-mouth generating promotion.

Legendary rock bank Linkin Park have teamed up with innovative fashion brand Johnny Cupcakes to deliver a unique, limited edition Johnny Cupcakes t-shirt. Not only that but Linkin Park are giving away their fan club Linkin Park Underground membership with every t-shirt bought.

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See-mail External website

by Greg Taylor, 28/10/2014

Remember how exciting it used to be getting real post? No, not bills. Or direct mail. Or slips from the post office saying your Amazon order has been taken to the depths of beyond. Real post, in nice envelopes, with real handwriting and personal messages.

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Brand death: 6 reasons not to delete Twitter accounts External website

by Jamie Riddell, 28/10/2014

It’s becoming a fashion statement: “I’m leaving Twitter.” But, whilst indulgently retreating into the digital shadows is a fine attention-grabbing tactic for cosseted celebrities, brands should think twice.

This time last year, the pop group Girls Aloud had 109,000 Twitter followers. Then the band split up, deleting its Twitter account. Becoming what one follower called a “ghost band” deprived the girls and their label of any future opportunity to market still-available archive recordings.

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Adapt or die in the face of online piracy External website

by Sophie Zumbe, 28/10/2014

The internet age and an ongoing battle with copyright infringement has left many music and entertainment companies struggling to survive. In an industry increasingly ruled by Darwinism, firms must ‘adapt or die’ in the quest for success.

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Feeling the effectiveness External website

by Andrew MacGillivray, 28/10/2014

Last night, the great and the good from the world of advertising congregated in black ties and beautiful dresses to celebrate the most important thing in our industry: ads featuring dogs effectiveness.

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by Dave Trott, 28/10/2014


The vital things for homeless people are food and shelter.

That will keep them alive at least, but it won’t solve the whole problem.

It won’t make them feel like worthwhile human beings.



Plane sailing External website

by Greg Taylor, 27/10/2014

Left your passport at home? KLM will pick it up. Not sure whether to take a cardi on your summer hols? Check the KLM tailored weather report. In danger of missing your flight? Let KLM collect you on a motorbike – even if you’re flying with a different airline.

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What does the Candy Crush lifecycle mean to mobile marketers? External website

by Craig Palli, 27/10/2014

One of the most popular games over the last two years, Candy Crush, reduced its 2014 forecast in August after reporting lower-than-expected second-quarter revenue. This caused some unwarranted hand-wringing in the press about the future of mobile games.

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Top take-outs from this year’s MIPCOM External website

by Patrick Walker, 27/10/2014

The 30th edition of the annual MIPCOM TV market set a couple of records last week with 112 countries and 13,700 delegates attending – both all-time highs. Furthermore, of those who attended it has been reported that 1,300 were acquiring digital and VOD rights.

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Campaign for Great British Copywriting External website

by Chris Arnold, 27/10/2014

As a number of Adland’s great writers, including Tony Brignull, lament the decline of copywriting we ask ‘is great copywriting dead or has it just changed the way it looks?”


Let’s taste the music External website

by Greg Taylor, 24/10/2014

‘I’m getting peaty, malty hints. Supple notes of spiced wood. And a balanced kick of smokey honey with dried fruit.’

The language of whisky tasting can seem bizarre to anyone other than an expert. So to help us identify individual flavours within Johnnie Walker Blue Label – the rarest in the brand’s portfolio – food design studio Bompass and Parr has commissioned a piece of organ music called A Symphony in Blue.

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Will VR take off as a mass consumer product? External website

by Adam Doherty, 24/10/2014

There’s been a wave of positive press for virtual reality (VR), which is driving momentum of interest in this new medium. The promise of engaging consumers worldwide with mind-blowing personal experiences is closing in. But we won’t be able to mesmerise on a macro scale until VR headsets become a mainstream product. So the crucial question is – does VR have a chance of reaching mass adoption, when all the naysayers insist it’s limited to gaming geeks?

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Are you singular or plural? External website

by Rachel Brushfield, 24/10/2014

Portfolio careers are growing fast – because of need and want. More information below if this is a new concept for you.

A career portfolio or portfolio career has many pros. I have thought of over 70. Here are 10 of mine for now:

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