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Lost for words in the age of the image External website

by Shaun Varga, 23/09/2014

The use of email by America’s 12-17 year olds more than halved last year. It’s one symptom of a cataclysmic change – one that’s gone largely unnoticed by the marketing profession.

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Infographic: the Scottish referendum in online stats External website

by Susan Billinge, 23/09/2014

The influence of news outlets played a greater part than that of social media in Scotland’s decision to vote ‘No’ in the Scottish referendum, suggests research by Bell Pottinger Wired.

From 17 December 2013 until polls closed on 18 September 2014, there were 8.8 million online conversations about the vote. Of these conversations less than 1% (66,308) came from news articles, with the remainder originating from Twitter, blogs and forums.

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by Dave Trott, 23/09/2014


I was always good at training youngsters.

I kept simple.

I kept it powerful.

I kept it consistent.

But what made me good with youngsters made me bad with heavyweights.



Is Brand Beckham a great example of personal branding or a dash for cash? External website

by Chris J Reed, 23/09/2014

In September’s edition of GQ there are no less than three adverts featuring David Beckham. I can remember none of the brands, two were clothing, one perfume but I do remember Brand Beckham.

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Dear Lorraine #2 External website

by NABS, 22/09/2014

If there’s a question you’d like Lorraine to answer regarding anything to do with your working life, send an email to

Q: I’m recently a new mum and my partner and I are considering all our options as we look to organise child-care. One option is that I may reduce the number of days I work each week. Does my company have to agree to this?

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PMP: a members-only club that every publisher should explore External website

by Dominic Barry, 22/09/2014

The term Private Marketplace (PMP) is creating a significant buzz amongst publishers and marketers, particularly in relation to video advertising. A PMP is an invitation-only marketplace that enables premium publishers to make their inventory available to a select pool of buyers, allowing publishers to protect their brand and control advertising yield in a real-time environment.

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Money can’t buy you affinity External website

by Taya Vernon, 22/09/2014

Increasingly, consumers and the markets alike favour brands offering content that can be easily shared. The news site BuzzFeed, for example, has just secured $50m of funding which, according to The Guardian, raises its value to three times more than the Washington Post. BuzzFeed’s whole concept has been designed with social media in mind (apparently 75% of its traffic comes via social media users) and it rewards its writers not by the number of readers attracted by their work, but by the number of times their articles are shared online.

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Less David vs Goliath, more Goliath vs Goliath External website

by Saman Mansourpour, 19/09/2014

The latest round of the ongoing battle between the might of NewsCorp and the power of Google is not merely about a clash of two heavyweights in the media landscape. It stems from a much wider question – Does Google favour its own listings in the search rankings?

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Mouth to mouth External website

by Greg Taylor, 19/09/2014

Have you ever noticed that teeth and chewing gum look remarkably similar? No? Well, someone else has. And that someone has designed some rather nice packaging.

Hani Douaji’s concepts for Trident Xtra Care feature illustrations of mouths – including some luscious red lips and a bushy tash – with the chewing gum revealed inside the smile.

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Who’s marketing you? External website

by Rachel Brushfield, 19/09/2014

Do you hate marketing yourself? Many people do especially women; it makes them feel very uncomfortable. With more competition for jobs and the trend to freelance and portfolio working growing apace, marketing yourself is something that cannot be ignored.

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An emotional connection beyond sense? External website

by Tony Nunan, 19/09/2014

Cadbury or Nestle? Tyrells or Sensations? Coca-Cola or Pepsi? These are just a few examples of the decisions we are faced with when carrying out our supermarket shop. So what is it that determines our purchase decisions? Whilst a number of factors, such as price, pack format, and even visibility, will be at play here, the emotional connection we have to a product or brand will be one of the key influencers.

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40% of UK millennials don’t like the way brands talk to them via social media External website

by Prelini Udayan-Chiechi, 19/09/2014

In this hyperconnected, omnichannel age, brands need to fully understand the consumer audience they are trying to reach, the best channels to engage with and the most effective strategy to adopt in order to do so.

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What can advertisers learn from Facebook’s Cross Device Reporting? External website

by Sam Barnett, 18/09/2014

Facebook has recently announced a cross device tracking tool. This will allow advertisers to see their user’s journey to purchase as they move between devices.

Facebook is in a unique position as a publisher – in North America alone at least 50% of internet users are on Facebook and, if they own two or more devices, chances are they will log on to the service on every device they own.

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Lies, damned lies, and statistics External website

by Ian Moore, 18/09/2014

Three days ago Betfair’s Sportsbook paid out on a ‘No’ vote in the Scottish Independence Referendum. (Sportsbook is the part of Betfair that operates as a traditional bookie.)

At the time – and right up to the wire last night, indeed – the polls were showing what was effectively a 50:50 split between ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. Momentum was widely reported to be with the ‘Yes’ vote.

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Fast Forward 2014 – Week Two External website

by NABS, 18/09/2014

It was the second session of NABS Fast Forward 2014 and everyone was buzzing because it was briefing night. The teams were all guessing what the brief could be, given that the client is Wendy Proctor from the Cabinet Office and the team names (Jung, Maslow, Pavlov etc) are usually a clue.

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Cider with bite External website

by Greg Taylor, 18/09/2014

Is it OK for men to drink cider? That’s the question Esquire recently asked its readers, and one the drinks’ industry has battled for centuries (maybe a slight exaggeration).

Attempting to prove they most definitely can, Snake Bite, the hybrid cider/lager brand has brought out new packaging specifically targeted at men.

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Did Apple and U2 officially make music worthless? External website

by Chris J Reed, 17/09/2014

Music stars do want to have it both ways. First they complain that music is not being valued properly, that piracy is killing new music and then they go and give away an entire album and wonder why people don’t value music.

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Ambition, passion and pride – the spirit of Scottish themed advertising External website

by Tara Beard-Knowland, 17/09/2014

The Scottish independence referendum has been front of mind lately; fiery debates, opinion polls, and lots of discussion about whether those of us South of the border would miss Scotland if the result was a ‘Yes’.

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Keeping both eyes on mobile video advertising External website

by stephenupstone, 17/09/2014

As befits the CEO of any start-up, especially one operating in a competitive sector such as mobile advertising, I keep one eye on the current state of affairs and another looking ahead. Right now, through this chameleon-like panoramic vision, what I can see through both eyes is a rapidly growing interest in, and investment in, mobile video advertising.

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The taste of music External website

by Greg Taylor, 17/09/2014

The grills are alive, with the sound of meatballs. Whilst this soundbite makes for a catchy intro, it technically isn’t true as most people tend to favour frying their meatballs. Still, it doesn’t make the latest project from a group of students at Hyper Island any less tasty.

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