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The Times finds the perfect Homeland External website

by Lindsey Clay, 26/11/2014

Whenever I hear someone say ‘content is king’ I shudder. It’s like nails down a blackboard or polystyrene being rubbed or Joe Pasquale’s pillow talk. I shudder not because of the gendered nature of the phrase, but because it is so over-used and because the word ‘content’ has become so meaningless and debased.

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Growing trends in packaging External website

by Greg Taylor, 26/11/2014

After travelling a few thousand miles in a refrigerated container, fresh fruit and vegetables start to seem somehow less than fresh. Chances are, they’ve lost a lot of their nutritional value along the way too.

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The rise of wearable tech beyond Google Glass: it’s a matter of style External website

by Daniela Cecilio, 26/11/2014

In the last few weeks it has been revealed that many Google Glass developers are shifting their focus to wearable tech devices such as smartwatches. Launched with an initial $1,500 price tag, it looks like the Google Glass’ buzz is starting to wane, only two years after Google Co-founder Sergey Brin revealed it to the world.

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5 things to avoid when marketing to a youth audience External website

by Matthew Dicks, 26/11/2014

For marketers, there is no greater challenge than promoting your goods and services to young people. In the past the challenge was to produce advertising that wasn’t too patronising, cringeworthy, or transparently craven.

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How to beat the hackers this season External website

by Scott Meyer, 25/11/2014

Ebay, Reuters, The Racing Post, JPMorgan Chase, and Target – what do all these companies have in common? Each has been the recent victim of security breaches and made the headlines as a result.

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A break from the norm External website

by Greg Taylor, 25/11/2014

Part of our 12 Pokes of Christmas. Look out for more in the coming weeks.


This comfy Fairisle sweater. It’s not just a sweater. No. It’s a work of art. It shouldn’t simply be slung over the back of a chair. It deserves to be displayed in a Chelsea art gallery.

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Where brands are going wrong on YouTube External website

by Ian Styles, 25/11/2014

Out of the 5,000 most popular channels on YouTube just 74 are brands. It’s a mind-blowing statistic, given the video platform’s millions of daily users and the size of marketing budgets for international brands.

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IF YOU CAN’T STOP IT, STEER IT External website

by Dave Trott, 25/11/2014


Each year a group of neo-Nazis march through a small German town.

They march to the grave of Rudolf Hess, Hitler’s deputy.

The townspeople hate the neo-Nazis and the march.



British Arrows Craft Awards 2014 External website

by Chris Arnold, 25/11/2014

At last night’s awards there was some great TV, cinema, online, outdoor and filmic work done by British agencies and production companies. A brilliant reminder that quality still exists in an age of reduced budgets and more cautious marketers, even if it comes at a price.


Mo than a screensaver External website

by Greg Taylor, 24/11/2014


As another Movember draws to a close, the campaign to promote men’s health worldwide has left many men with a luxuriously carpeted lip. Or at least just a light peppering of stubble. It’s unlikely that many of these ‘taches will last until Christmas before falling beneath the blade. But this year, developers Bas van de Poel, Daan van Dam and animator Wong Ping have come up with another way to further the fuzz.

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What on earth is TV syncing? External website

by Andreas Schroeter, 24/11/2014

Since the launch of the iPhone and the subsequent rise of mobile devices, TV viewing habits have transformed, with nearly half of smartphone (46%) and tablet (43%) owners using their device while watching TV.

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What marketers can expect from Facebook at Work External website

by Chris Camacho, 24/11/2014

As rumours of a ‘Facebook at Work‘ network surfaced earlier this month, this latest announcement, aimed at rivalling the likes of LinkedIn, Yammer and Google Drive, was not unexpected.

Aside from the obvious security concerns that this will raise from businesses and individuals alike, it will also fuel questions from marketers in terms of how Facebook will plan to monetise this new platform.

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TT not PC External website

by Ian Moore, 23/11/2014

I was amused by a radio ad I heard last week, which I think may since have been pulled. It was for the Audi TT and seemed to have a dual audience in mind.

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A ‘waste of time’ is in the eye of the beholder External website

by Rachel Brushfield, 22/11/2014

What is ‘a waste of time’ and who decides?

I went to an interesting workshop this week about ‘achieving more for less.’ A catchy phrase for efficiency and effectiveness and how to waste less time. Big trend that one in business as I am sure you have noticed, and sometimes a short term myopic one.

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Beer monsters External website

by Greg Taylor, 21/11/2014

The appearance of mythical beings and fantastical creatures staring out from the side of your beer bottle might ordinarily suggest you’ve had rather too much to drink. But for Midwest brewers Oliphant, these manifestations are quite the norm. The head of the Oliphant, the imaginary creature that gave the brewery its name, now watches over its range of boutique ales.

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Miu Miu was so digitally close, yet so far… External website

by Paulo Bernini, 21/11/2014

Fashion brands are known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to promoting the next season’s must-haves, and the next big trend to hit the catwalk world is definitely turning heads.

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Today’s the Day External website

by Lindsey Clay, 21/11/2014

Every so often a Day with a capital ‘D’ comes along which the world has been crying out for. Every so often an issue of global importance is distilled into 24 hours of honest, sensible and necessary focus. The world stands still, draws breath and releases a collective gasp of relief that finally something is being done about the elephant in the room. This week played host to one of those days.

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Sponsored: How did a 24-year-old student score in the top 10% of best ads? External website

by Joel Cere, 21/11/2014

This article is brought to you by our partners eYeka

Energy and refreshment are two of the core feelings Coca-Cola has been inspiring for decades. Yet it has become increasingly challenging to communicate these feelings in an ever-original fashion, keeping the brand fresh and providing local markets with impactful campaign materials.

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Flavoured oils made squeezy External website

by Greg Taylor, 20/11/2014

It’s an established ritual in the kitchen. When the recipe demands you add a lug of oil, or perhaps a drizzle, you reach for the familiar bottle and wave it around enthusiastically like an aspiring Jamie Oliver. But now, with the launch Aromissimo flavoured oils, home chefs in Russia are being invited to add a squeeze of oil instead. The range appears in squeezable tubes rather than traditional bottles, adding a premium, almost cosmetic quality to the product. Hand-drawn images of garlic, mushrooms, lemons and peppers on the tubes identify each flavour variant. They also serve as a useful reminder that these oils are intended for cooking. After all, you wouldn’t want to apply them to your face. Especially the pepper variety. Via.

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by Lol and Nat, 20/11/2014

Dave Dye has won many awards.

But today he wins the prize for Most Obliging Entrant to In The World Ever.

On our first day here at Mother, he came up to us and asked if we’d like some more early scamps to put onto our #MyFirstFolio site. An hour later he put them into our actual hands. We didn’t have to e-harass him or anything.



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