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Brand Republic has RSS feeds for pretty much every page on the site including all of our categories, sections, blogs and jobs.


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Industry sectors


Advertising | RSS


Autos | RSS

Ad agency news | RSS  
Creative agency news | RSS  

Consumer Goods | RSS

Latest ad campaigns | RSS    


Fashion / Clothing | RSS

Agencies | RSS

Ad agencies | RSS  

Fast Food | RSS

Creative agencies | RSS    
Digital agencies | RSS  

Financial Services | RSS

Direct marketing agencies | RSS   Banks / Building Societies | RSS
Media agencies | RSS   Credit | RSS
    Insurance | RSS

Digital marketing | RSS

Apps / Widgets | RSS  


Digital agencies | RSS   Cosmetics / Toiletries | RSS
Digital ad campaigns | RSS   Household Products | RSS
Digital Media campaign | RSS   OTC Drugs | RSS
Mobile media & marketing | RSS  
Search marketing | RSS  

Food & Drink | RSS

Social Media | RSS   Alcohol | RSS
    Confectionery | RSS

Direct Marketing | RSS

  Grocery Food | RSS
DM agencies | RSS   Soft Drinks | RSS
CRM/Customer Insight | RSS    
Lists and database marketing | RSS  

Government / Non-Profit


Print/Mail/Fulfilment | RSS   Associations / Institutions | RSS
    Charities | RSS

Marketing | RSS

  Education | RSS
Branding | RSS   Healthcare | RSS
Green Marketing | RSS   Political parties | RSS
Market Research | RSS   Public services | RSS
Sales Promotion | RSS  
Sponsorship | RSS  

Media / Entertainment | RSS

Sports marketing | RSS

Media | RSS

Cinema | RSS  

Retail | RSS

Digital Media | RSS   Clothing stores | RSS
Magazines | RSS   Online Shopping | RSS
Mobile | RSS   High street retail | RSS
Newspapers | RSS   Supermarkets | RSS
Outdoor / ambient | RSS  
Radio | RSS  

Tech product marketing | RSS

Television | RSS    
Computer marketing | RSS
    Handhelds / Mobile devices | RSS

Public relations | RSS

  Video Games Consoles | RSS



Telecoms / Utilities | RSS



Travel / Leisure | RSS

    Airline marketing | RSS
    Hotels | RSS
    Travel agency marketing | RSS

What is RSS?

RSS is an easy way to keep updated with content that is of interest to you from the latest news by category, to the hottest ad creative and best jobs.

Instead of having to visit websites to find out the latest articles or jobs, you can use RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to keep you posted with the latest website news and articles from Brand Republic.

How do I use RSS?

To read RSS easily you need a feed reader or aggregator to gather RSS Feeds. There are many to choose from and modern browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer have RSS readers built-in. 

Popular feed readers and aggregators: 

Newz Crawler
Google reader

How can I use Brand Republic RSS feeds?

If you are using our RSS feeds for personal use, to keep you updated with content or jobs, then please dive right in. If you would like to use our RSS feeds for other purposes such as on your own website, we do prefer you to contact us first. For any RSS enquiries, please write to

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