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3 great ads I had nothing to do with: Leon Jaume

Leon Jaume, executive creative director, WCRS reveals the three ad campaigns he admires but had nothing to do with.

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About the series

In this series of short films, leading Thinkbox Creative Academy members have the tricky task of selecting just three TV ads that have inspired them: brilliant commercials, old and new, that they admire but had nothing to do with.

The idea is not only to explore some of our greatest ads in the company of people who know a thing or two about making them, but also – because of the proven link between creativity and effectiveness – encourage the advertising industry to even greater heights.

We hope you enjoy the films.

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Leon Jaume, executive creative director, WCRS

Leon has spent most of his advertising life at WCRS. He started there as a copywriter soon after the agency started and, after leaving and rejoining a couple of times, is now the Executive Creative Director.

He is much better at watching other people make brilliant TV ads than he was at writing them himself and is proud to have overseen a stream of brilliant and almost wilfully diverse work pour out of WCRS over the years for BMW, Orange, Sky, 118 118, Mini, Prudential, First Direct and 3 Mobile, to name but a handful.

His favourite campaigns are the ones which brought equal glory for the people who made them and the people who paid for them.


Leon's choices

Carling Black Label "dambusters"

Ronseal "does exactly what it says on the tin"

John Lewis "the long wait"


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