Getty Images tells a love story in '85 Seconds'

Getty Images is pursuing another viral success with '85 Seconds', a film that blends 105 video clips together to tell a love story, following in the footsteps of last year's award winning 'From Love to Bingo' campaign.

Both videos were created by Brazilian agency AlmapBBDO. 'From Love to Bingo' used 873 stock images to demonstrate the breadth of the Getty's picture archive.

In '85 Seconds', film clips are mixed with seemingly unrelated shots from Getty Images, this time to show the breadth of its video content.

The film tells the story of a couple from birth, to when they meet each other as children, separate after graduation, and then reunite later in adulthood.

The boy and girl grow up together, until she goes to Paris, leaving him behind. The video is split horizontally across the screen as the pair separate, recounting her story of travelling and partying on the top, and his of depression and then life in the army.

Later, the girl is involved in a car accident and he joins the business world, before finally reuniting. As it ends their storylines once again join together as they run into each others arms.

A stopwatch feature tracks the story every step of the way, and at the film's conclusion it speeds ahead to 63, 103, 983 seconds, giving the total for the estimated length of Getty Images entire video collection, which adds up to two years.

The video, which tells the story without dialogue using images and music exclusively from the Getty Images store, took the Sao Paolo-based ad agency four months to create, while the previous 'From Love to Bingo' video took the agency six months to put together.

Sophie Schoenburg, AlmapBBDO copywriter, said: "We reviewed more than 4,000 Getty Images Video clips and adapted the story as the research evolved. Sometimes we searched something we had in mind, and other times we would find something great we weren't look for."

'From Love to Bingo' has racked up 2,610,574 views and counting, and already '85 seconds', which has received at the time of writing 31, 604 views.

Yvonne Chien, senior vice president of marketing at Getty Images, said: "We are delighted by AlmapBBDO's innovative thinking and hope their great work inspires and entertains audiences worldwide."


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