Watch the latest must-see viral videos from Apple, Smirnoff and Ibis Hotels

Apple: pushing its design credentials
Apple: pushing its design credentials

The latest viral video hits from Apple, Smirnoff and Ibis Hotels.

Apple - Designed By Apple - Intention

Apple pairs simple phrases and visuals to describe the thoughts and emotions that go into creating each Apple product.

Smirnoff - DJ Fresh & Mindtunes: this track is created only by the mind

Smirnoff backed the creation of Mindtunes, a track made by Andy, Jo and Mark, three physically disabled music fans, using their mind. Produced by DJ Fresh, this video charts the thinking behind the project.

ibis - Snuggling Bunnies

Ibis turns up the cute dial with this video featuring bunnies getting ready for a sleep. The work is designed to promote the hotel chain’s new comfortable beds.



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