Boris Johnson V Bob Crow: Who won the tube strike on Twitter?

The tube strike was the talk of London town on Twitter
The tube strike was the talk of London town on Twitter

Social media agency Jam crunched the stats for Marketing and reveals who came out top during the tube strike - one thing is for sure, we know it wasn't the London commuter.

From 137,721 tweets during the London Underground tube strike this week, Jam discovered that "Brand Boris" was the most talked about - but that's clearly not always a good thing.

Methodology: Jam monitored Twitter for key terms including ‘#tfl’ and ‘#tubestrike’ as well as mentions of ‘Tube’ near ‘London’ or ‘Strike’. This gave Jam total mentions, then it searched within this for mentions of Boris Johnson and Bob Crow, as well as different tube lines and alternative modes of transport. Jam calculated sentiment by manually analysing a statistically significant sample of mentions for each Bob Crow and Boris Johnson.

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