'How to make a movie' Google ad stars Andrew Stanton and amateur contributions

Google's storytelling ad aired at the end of the Oscars
Google's storytelling ad aired at the end of the Oscars

Google's latest "Search on" ad aired at the very end of the Oscars this year, starring 'Toy Story' and 'Finding Nemo' filmmaker Andrew Stanton, who declares: "We're all storytellers".

The minute-long ad uses excerpts from Stanton’s 2012 Ted Talk on "The clues to a great story" overlaid on the creative as a voiceover, while footage from amateur filmmakers through to a behind-the-scenes shot of filming 'Toy Story' character Woody are played out.

He says: "We all love stories, we’re born for them. They can’t be artificially evoked; it doesn’t always mean plot or fact. They aren’t an actual exact science, that’s what’s so special about stories – they aren’t predictable. It’s capturing a truth from your experience. It can cross the barriers of time, real and imagined, expressing values you personally feel, deep down to your core."

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