Newspaper ABCs: Digital figures for February 2014

Newspaper ABCs: how titles' websites performed in February
Newspaper ABCs: how titles' websites performed in February

The performance of all newspaper websites in the second month of 2014 at a glance.

Monthly traffic to MailOnline fell by more than 10% in February, following an 18% uplift in January.

The highest climber this month was Metro, with traffic to its site growing by just under 20% month-on-month. Daily averages also rose by more than 25% to the site during February.

See the full results below:

ABC Multi-platform report: February 2014

February 2014  Monthly % change 
  Daily ave Total mthly Daily ave Total mthly
MailOnline 11,241,257 165,886,627 -4.48 -12.47
Metro 1,319,727 27,522,619 25.57 19.9 5,393,452 91,106,978 7.85 0.86
The Independent 1,426,702 29,794,956 -8.02 -13.08
Mirror Group Nationals 2,454,756 47,143,014 0.2 1.19
Telegraph 3,154,540 59,703,051 -6.76 -12.67

Source: ABC, Monthly Multi-platform report

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