Brandalism is back with 365 ad takeovers in just two days

  • By Penny Rimbaud. The poster reads:

    By Penny Rimbaud. The poster reads: "Horrids, trite gewgaws, trinkets and trash, the clusterbombs of consumerism".

  • By Ankles. The poster reads:

    By Ankles. The poster reads: "The large print giveth and the small print taketh away".

  • By Peter Kennard

    By Peter Kennard

  • By Dr D. The poster reads:

    By Dr D. The poster reads: "Ad nauseum. Want less".

  • By Hutch. The first poster reads:

    By Hutch. The first poster reads: "# this will not save the world" and the second reads: "Plan for a healthy retirement".


Brandalism has enlisted 40 artists to create what it claims is the biggest unauthorised takeover of outdoor advertising, targeting 10 UK cities in two days.

The activist group has redoubled its efforts since 2012 and has replaced six-sheet poster displays featuring H&M, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Morrisons ads, with the artists’ own explorations of the impacts of consumerism last weekend.

This includes looking at ecological damage, financial collapse and gender stereotypes, in order to highlight the lack of control communities have over their public space.

The featured artists include Peter Kennard, Bill Posters, Dr. D and Paul Insect. 

However Clearchannel, the company that owns the outdoor space and cleans and maintains the bus shelters paid for by its own revenues, appeared less impressed with Brandalism's efforts, saying that it had replaced all of the postered sites by Monday evening.

It said that it donated £1.7m worth of ad space to the arts in the last 12 months. 

Campaign group: 


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