Hottest virals: McDonald's gets tricksy with World Cup stunts, plus Red Bull and ESPN

McDonald's gets tricksy with World Cup stunts
McDonald's gets tricksy with World Cup stunts

The latest virals from McDonald's, Red Bull and ESPN.

McDonald's GOL! Fifa World Cup - Brasil 2014 | McDonald's

McDonald's celebrates its sponsorship of next month's much-anticipated World Cup and its new augmented reality fries boxes with a video featuring some seemingly impossible footie tricks.

Danny MacAskill's Epecuén - Trailer

Red Bull continues to thrill with its extreme sports output. This time it's trials rider Danny MacAskill defying reality in Argentina.

2014 Fifa World Cup - Time Zone

ESPN has created a viral film illustrating how fans around the globe will adjust their schedule’s to Brazil’s to ensure they can watch their team’s matches.

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