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Levi's "drugstore"

Part of what makes this ad so affecting is the juxtaposition of black and white footage and 1920’s setting, soundtracked by an unnerving late 90’s techno song.

Working from a first person perspective, the ad follows a young man in what appears to be the 1920’s driving to the drugstore to buy condoms from an unimpressed pharmacist, and slipping them into the hidden pocket of his jeans.

As he arrives at his date’s house later than night, it turns out that the pharmacist is the girl’s father.

The tagline "Watch pocket created in 1873. Abused ever since." Runs.

The ad was created by John Hegarty and directed by Michel Gondry for BBH London, and in 2004 broke the record for the highest number of awards won by a  TV commercial.

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