Viral review: Greenpeace puts Disney Nemo lookalike in blender

Be On reviews the latest viral from environmental advocates Greenpeace.


The storyline is effective with both facts and feelings involved. The association with the Disney character definitely adds an emotional factor. 9/10

The outspoken organization Greenpeace has another piece of well working video content in its hands.

Some weeks after the environmental advocacy started its battle for the harts and minds of children over Lego’s partnership with oil company Shell in the video "Everything is NOT Awesome", the organization’s Australia Pacific branch has published another online video that has potential for views, shares and headlines.

The star of their new ad "The Power to Save" is a clownfish, strikingly similar to Nemo of Disney film "Finding Nemo" fame.

The 32 second release sees the clownfish swimming in water. Australian actor Richard Roxburgh narrates on how the Great Barrier Reef is currently in danger, as the camera pens out to reveal that the Nemo lookalike is actually swimming in a blender. The final scene ends with the sound of the blender being turned on, and there is a call to action for the viewers to sign a petition.

All the right elements are here: News value, shock effect and great production. The storyline is effective with both facts and feelings involved: the association with the Disney character definitely adds an emotional factor and helps create momentum.

Unfortunately, the distribution plan could be better.

Even though the video has received wide coverage globally – the fame has yet to translate in the YouTube counter. This might be largely because there are copies of the video at different channels dispersing the views.

To make an impact, it is not only important how many people see the content, but one also needs to think about how to create a unique space for comments and likes. In the future Greenpeace should definitely match their striking content with a delivery plan its equal and streamline the views and discussions to their own channel.


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