Diary: Bestseller turns Mr Cutting Edge into a reluctant celebrity

Proving that there is life after advertising is Jim Aitchison whose Mr Midnight's children's books currently sit proudly atop the Straits Times bestseller charts.

The former adman, Media columnist and author of Cutting Edge Advertising is understandably chuffed with his success as a children's author, although he refused to be drawn on whether a career in the industry was any preparation for communicating successfully with children.

Instead, Aitchison - or James Lee as he is ingeniously monikered - prefers to dwell on the overnight celebrity that has been thrust on his less than reluctant shoulders.

"It's just an amazing feeling," he enthuses. "I was at a book signing and the kids were pointing at me as I came out of the lift!"

Aitchison attributes the books' success to their local Asian setting, and his focus on pure storytelling.

As for any global ambitions to become Singapore's answer to J.K. Rowling, he is a little more coy. "I'm not sure about that part -only time will tell ..."

It may not be a children's story, but Diary was also amused by the recent saga of BrightMail's missing email.

The company referred some project work to Upstream Asia, although the agency remained in the dark for some time - mainly because it was unable receive BrightMail's email brief.

Eventually, the reason behind the hold-up came to light. The email from the anti-spam solutions provider - which itself dealt with the evils of spam - had been ensnared by the anti-spam software net employed by Upstream.

Which, to Diary's mind at least, would appear to demonstrate the lengths the spam industry is willing to go to in order to disguise itself these days.

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