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Desert Island Brands - Nic Pay

A chance to pick five brands that you would like to find washed up on the beach if you were a castaway. What would you choose and why? design consultancy Pemberton & Whitefoord asks Nic Pay, head of merchandising at Vertu.

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1. Survival essential

Making a shelter, finding food and attempting to escape are going to be high on your agenda -- so which brand will you find most useful in your attempt to tame the great outdoors?

Easy one this. Quintessential Concierge service, they supply 24-hour, 365-day service, and can arrange everything for me while I lay in the sun with my feet in the ocean.

2. Last taste of civilisation

The island has a plentiful supply of nuts and fruit, not to mention a healthy population of fish, so you will have plenty to eat. But which one food brand are you really going to miss from your old life?

Shogun Sushi in Beirut, they supply the worlds finest Sushi! Hopefully give some pointers and direction on the raw fish front!

3. Best reminder of home

Successful survivalists always claim that it is mental attitude which sees them through. Belief that you will get back home is going to be vital -- so which brand will sum up home best?

I am in the process of buying a motorcycle and for months have been boring people with model numbers and BHP statistics, just thinking of the Ducati would give me a warm feeling of home.

4. Most welcome online brand

Eventually you manage to rig up your own connection to the internet using bits and pieces found on the beach but you have only one chance to log on to a website before it goes down -- which online brand will you choose? Fantasy League. I would need to keep updated on my Fantasy team as my "real" team are so bad at the moment. As a Spurs supporter it is difficult to cheer when Henry scores so that I get three points.

5. Ultimate luxury

Self indulgence is hard to come by on a desert island, so what brand would you be most excited to find washed up on the beach?

Members' pass to 'Great Hotels of The World's' Spa resort The Oberoi, Bali. For sheer self indulgence.

6. Transferable skills

You already work in the jungle of marketing so there are probably skills which you have acquired through your job which will come in handy -- or you may have other hidden talents. Which of your personal skills will help you to get to grips with life on a desert island?

It feels like I work 24/7, the one skill that I would have to build is the ability to relax, no email, no mobile, no calls, my idea of heaven, when can I go?

Adrian Whitefoord, founding partner of Pemberton & Whitefoord, comments:

It sounds like Nic has things well buttoned down, we might have to start calling him Nic Crusoe if he carries on like this. However, I think it may be pushing it a bit to have a personal concierge service (a post a step up from Man Friday?) but there is no harm in trying -- I think that probably goes with one of those very expensive but totally beautiful phones he's selling. And a monster Ducati 1000S was more of a road bike last time I looked -- it's going to be interesting to see how that performs on a wet sandy beach versus a good blast up the M4 corridor. I totally agree with point six. It would be bliss to make a funeral pyre (or beacon?) of all those communication gadgets and gismos that we convince ourselves are so essential -- but I expect he, like the rest of us, will want to hang on to his phone.

Q&A supplied by design consultancy Pemberton & Whitefoord.

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