Media: Wellcome customers shape title's content

HONG KONG: Different groups of housewives and working mothers, dubbed 'Super Ladies' (SL5), are expected to bring a "reality show approach" to a new custom lifestyle monthly launched by Wellcome Supermarkets.

Produced by Motiv8 Publishing, the 64-page We magazine, which launches today, is banking on the views and opinions of the SL5 - aged between 25 and 45 - resonating with their peers.

Wellcome marketing director Doug Brown said the concept of replacing the typical celebrity feature with the untypical feature on a regular woman was very unique.

"There are many magazines with aspirational content in terms of fashion, travel and dining, but few with practical content that addresses the real needs of regular people," said Brown. "I really have a strong sense of information overload in Hong Kong. People are passing out handbills in the streets and advertising is everywhere, so we didn't feel that yet another hard sell product in Wellcome was going to make a difference."

Chris Baker, Motiv8 Publishing's director of business development, said SL5s are chosen from monthly discussion groups and will shape editorial focus through commentary for product trials and feedback. In the first issue, the SL5s feature in a spread discussing issues of common interest, current events, love and life. "We felt the 30 years plus female audience in Hong Kong did not have a magazine that they could identify with in a really authentic way," Baker said. "The SL concept allows this group to be involved in building their own magazine."

We will offer news, features and sponsored content in five sections: smart living, food and beverage, lifestyle, family and home and health and beauty. We will be audited and is projected to have a circulation of 100,000. The HK$5 (US 64 cents) cover price will initially be marked down to $3.

The SL concept appears to appeal to marketers, with Motiv8 selling out the ad space - 19 of 64 pages - for the first issue.

Despite an earlier launch, rival ParknShop has had a somewhat chequered experience with its custom title. Its title closed after its publishing partner Redwood quit Hong Kong and was subsequently relaunched by Tom Publishing, but with a product-focussed approach.

"The opportunity was not acted on previously, because in the past several years, the Hong Kong market has been quite turbulent and ourr focus was on getting our fundamentals in order," said Brown.

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