Media choice: - Lester Ng, Associate director, ZenithMedia Singapore

Back in the late '80s, this used to be a magazine that touted itself as Singapore's only voice of rock and roll, championing the fledging local music scene and all things independent and leftfield.

But this proved to be too underground a movement and, to keep operations manageable, BigO has relinquished the print form and migrated online, sending weekly e-newsletters covering music, films, comics and political commentary.

The acronym BigO derives its name from a line in the song My Generation by The Who, which goes 'hope I die before I get old'. BigO's 'generation' is a community of individuals who are discriminating in the media they con- sume. And BigO has been faithful in fuelling this by delivering insightful reviews and scathing articles that would make mainstream media sound like propaganda.

What this translates into for select advertisers is an extremely credible and engaging platform to speak to a highly influential consumer mindset.

What BigO lacks in reach (less than 25,000 subscribers) it makes up for in reader loyalty and involvement. The homepage and e-newsletters are currently bereft of advertising and this may be attributed to advertisers being averse to going against the grain. In a landscape of editorial sameness and pressure to appeal to the lowest denominator, BigO has differentiated itself by sticking to its credo and beliefs.

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