One-to-one Marketing: Sohu challenges global web firms with English site

BEIJING: China Daily newspaper's online edition,, has tied up with internet portal Sohu to launch the 'China Daily-Sohu English' website.

According to Charles Zhang, founder, CEO and president of Sohu, the new site will give the portal an edge over the growing number of international web companies expanding into the China communications industry.

The website - - is the first English-language web platform built by the two companies and aims to provide news, business reports, sports, lifestyle and entertainment updates. It will also provide English-language courses in its bid to become the largest 'English forum' in China. "China Daily-Sohu English is a preemptive attempt for media sites and commercial sites to integrate their superior resources to introduce China to the world (ahead of the Olympics in 2008)," said Zhang Ping, CEO of China Daily Websites.

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