Private View: Paul Chan, partner, CTWCM Advertising


Project: Coke Olympic campaign

Brief: to strengthen the brand image during the Olympic period

Client: Coca-Cola

Agency: McCann-Erickson Guangming Shanghai

Creative director: Beresford Mitchell

Art director: Gong Hao

Copywriter: Zhu Ming

COCA-COLA: I have a better idea for this ad. I'd keep Olympic 110m

hurdler Liu Xiang, but pair him with Olympic dive star Guo Jing Jing

instead. I'd keep the storyline of them doing stunts trying to get the

Coke, but feature Guo doing the hurdles and Liu doing a 10m dive. Isn't

that more funny? Don't worry, they'd get the Coke eventually. Maybe

inside a hospital.


Project: 'Aargh You Hungry?'

Brief: to launch a new range of products for children under the Captain

Birds Eye banner

Client: Birds Eye Australia

Agency: TBWA Sydney

Creative director: Scott Whybin

Art director: Bruce Baldwin

Copywriter: Michael Syme

Production company: Animagrafx

BIRDS EYE: Did I miss something here? Forgive me, but I really didn't

get it. Is the product for kids?


Project: Final Notice/Many Bills

Brief: communicate the message that PPS is the payment system to help

you through any 'payment crisis'

Client: EPS

Agency: Lowe

Creative director/copywriter: Esther Wong

Art director: Charles Hau

Production house: Mutual Workshop

PPS: I think the TVC would be much better without all the supers and the

voiceover. The footage says it all.


Project: 'Super Shopping Girl - Nadia'

Brief: to pave way for the launch of Langham Place in late 2004

Client: Great Eagle Property

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong

Creative directors: Spencer Wong, Eugene Tsoh

Art directors: Philip Lee, Tommy Chung

Copywriter: Ronnie Hung

Production house: Film Factory

Director: Chan Man Chung

LANGHAM PLACE: Here you get something fresh. Using a song in French with

Japanese computer animation. Imagine the client getting the best of both

worlds, i.e. the classiness of the French, plus the youth appeal of the

Japanese. Next time I'll try to match a Japanese song with a Cartier

footage and see what happens.


Project: 'The Quick or the Famished'

Brief: communicate the message that Nomos Coils are fast acting

Client: Unilever

Agency: Lowe

Creative director: Scott Patterson

Art director/copywriter: Kirsten Ackland

Photographer/digital imaging: Teo Studios Singapore

NOMOS: These are the best of the lot. Look at the visuals. What's this?

A skinny... frog? And look at the product shot. All in Bahasa Indonesia.

But you know there's a mosquito coil on the pack and you know what the

product is for and you kind of try to figure out the concept. Which is:

the product kills all mosquitoes, so the frog has nothing to eat and is

therefore skinny. Clever ad. Or is it me who's clever? No, the audience

would believe the creator of the ad is cleverer. This is reminiscent of

all those award-winning ads that Su of BBDO Bangkok once did.


Project: Sony Cybershot DSC-T11 'Stand Out'

Brief: to differentiate Cybershot DSC-T11 by focusing on its sleek,

cutting-edge design

Client: Sony Hong Kong

Agency: TBWA

Creative director/copywriter: Rudi Leung

Art directors: Suyin Tan, Hoi Ming Fung

Production house: Tuckshop Films

SONY CYBERSHOT: I can imagine the client briefing the agency: "You have

to show the slimness of the camera and its large memory. Our target is

young people so you have to feature trendy people using our product." To

be honest, I've watched this ad three times but still don't quite

understand the story. Anyway, I got the bit about the product features."

Interested in having your campaigns reviewed? Send submissions to Atifa

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for TVCs plus the TVC itself, and proofs for print ads and posters.

Please send all material to Media, 2201, 22/F The Centrium, 60 Wyndham

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