Southeast Asia: TNS unveils shopper study in M'sia

KUALA LUMPUR: TNS is gearing up to unveil a regional research initiative that will shuffle consumers into clusters, allowing marketers to identify target groups through their motivations.

The service, first introduced in Malaysia, will be rolled out regionally next year (first in line are Thailand and China), according to TNS Worldwide marketing director, Asiapanel, Andy Parkinson. It aims to provide marketers with a better understanding of consumer diversity to enable better category insights, con- sumer targeting, media planning and retail strategy.

"Regionally, advertisers can identify groups by how they are motivated and better select which media is most appropriate to reach that group," said Parkinson.

Michael Hawkins, general manager of the Malaysia panel at TNS, added: "This is a new venture on top of the existing service we have. Each day, we ask households about what they do when they go shopping through a diary. On top of that, we are looking not only at purchasing behaviour but what motivates you and what are your attitudes, not just what you're buying."

The research will question consumers on motivations, shopping behaviour and store choices, and will link this to actual purchasing.

"It will mean marketers can track media behaviour and look at how consumers respond to marketing activity," said Hawkins.

Parkinson added that, in Malaysia, the report had identified nine consumer groups, including Shopping Cynics, Megamall Maniacs, Pester Power and Generation M. "In Malaysia, the Megamall maniacs represent 12 per cent of households and 11 per cent of all spend. They have high disposable income and key motivators include an interest in cooking. This group is incredibly motivated by free gifts."

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