Business performance league - September

Estimated Overall

Billings Major Gain

RANK* AGENCY MAJOR WINS (USdollars losses (USdollars

m) m)

1 Publicis Osim Asia, Nesvita 225 Western 210

(1) Philippines, Nestle Union India

Water China, CDL

Singapore, Ecco

Shoes HK

2 McCann Holden Astra 176 Nesvita 164

(2) Erickson Australia, Metlife Philippines,

India, Sega-Sammy Nestle Hi

Japan, Exxon Mobil Cal Malaysia


3 Leo Colonial First State 180 Holden 155

(4) Burnett Australia, Marco Polo Astra

Singapore, Philip Australia,

Morris Philippines Pacific



4 TBWA NATE Drive Korea 132 Hutchison 110

(3) 3 HK

5 Grey Seven Seas India, 130 Indian 103

(7) Global Wrigleys BTL Malaysia, Airlines,

Group Unicom Data Services Smooth E

China, Ciba Vision Thailand


6 Euro Eddie Bauer Japan, 142 Alcatel 93

(5) RSCG Novartis Australia, China

Pedigree Taiwan,

Orange Thailand

project, Osim


7 BBDO Indian Airlines 115 Indicom 86

(10) (part), Kum Young India

Karaoke Korea, Smooth

E Thailand

8 Saatchi LG Philippines 85 Mico Bosch 69

(6) & India


9 JWT Pondicherry 102 Yili China 57

(9) Tourism India (part),

Nestle Water


10 DDB Merisant Asia, 125 Kum Young 51

(8) Merck Indonesia, Karaoke

Lion and Globe HK, Korea

Novartis Singapore

Australia, Raffles


11 FCB Smart HK, Indicom 66 FMCG Client 25

(13) India, HP India Asia (Media)

12 Ogilvy Lotto, Instant 80 Smart HK, 24

(11) Lotteries Australia Nestle Cereals


13 Bates HSBC Asia (part) 32 Anchor Beer 19

(12) China

14 M&C PriceRite HK 9 9

(14) Saatchi

15 Lowe Nestea HK, Nanjing 80 HSBC Asia, 3

(NA) Mobile China, Hyundai Standard

Indonesia, Thai Life HK

Military Bank,

3M India

* Previous ranking in brackets

The New Business Score Board is compiled monthly on behalf of Media

magazine by R3, a consultancy specializing in agency relationships,

remuneration and reviews. All billings figures are annualized and are

calculated based on R3's estimates, adjusted from AC Nielsen ADEX

figures or derived from agencies directly. Agency losses as well as wins

are recorded, if not shown. We attempt to accurately capture all new

business activity in the region-please email if you

believe we have missed or incorrectly recorded any information.

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