Nike flyposts to reach youths

SINGAPORE: Nike has engineered a fly-posting campaign to hit its 13 to 20 target by injecting an edgy feel to its promotion for its LeBron James apparel and footwear line.

It fly-posted LeBron James' Chamber of Fear film posters on 700 Clear Channel bus stop lightboxes around Singapore, sparking complaints from Singaporeans who alerted authorities to what they thought was vandalism.

"We wanted to make it appear as if mad basketball fans had hijacked the frames overnight," said Nike Singapore marketing communications manager Ann Kosit- chotitana.

According to Kositchotitana, the flyposting strategy originated with Ogilvy RedCard while MindShare proposed the bus shelters, which Clear Channel helped bring alive. Following public complaints, Clear Channel had to explain that it was an ad buy and not vandalism. Said Kositchotitana: "I heard afterwards that LTA (Land Transport Authority) was surprised and very understanding - they had a good laugh and thought the idea was very creative."

The 'Chamber of Fear' campaign also includes television and an online component.

The Wieden + Kennedy designed campaign pays homage to 1970s Hong Kong kungfu films and Japanese anime. The TV component shows the NBA star facing down hype, temptation, envy, complacency and self-doubt. Nike has also produced Chamber of Fear posters in the style of Asian movie posters, which are sold at Nike outlets.

The campaign also features an online role playing game, a limited edition Chamber of Fear manga comics and a basketball tournament at a leading shopping centre.

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