Your 6 favourite Dave Trott blogs

Dave Trott: to step down as chairman of The Gate in November
Dave Trott: to step down as chairman of The Gate in November

Ahead of a special feature in the magazine looking at the six ads that made The Gate's outgoing chairman, Dave Trott, we look at the six blogs that made him the popular blogger he is today.

1. The blog where… Trott relives stories about Steve Jobs as a perfectionist and what separates negative and positive people.

Negative People v Positive People 

2. The blog where… Trott compares the story of Steve Jobs and designer Paul Rand to that of tissue meetings.

What's wanted vs What's needed 

3. The blog where… Trott explores the difference between creatives and planners.

If Planners Planned

4. The blog where… Trott explains quality over cost.

Why Steve Jobs Didn't do Timesheets

5. The blog where… Trott asks what would happen if all briefs were written to 140 characters.

Briefing on Twitter

6. The blog where… Trott looks at the benefits of choosing local.

The Hilton Theory of Advertising 

Click here to read the full feature on the six ads that made Dave Trott. 


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