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Superbrands case studies: Anadin

Since its launch in 1932, Anadin has become, and remains, an iconic British brand, well loved and trusted by the nation. Seen as 'experts in pain', Anadin delivers substantial consumer confidence. Its product range is regarded as an effective and trustworthy method of pain relief.

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Today's busy lifestyles, coupled with an explosion in consumer information about health, are driving factors behind the rise in self-medication and the consequent growth of over the counter (OTC) medicines.

In the year to December 2006, the total adult oral analgesics market was worth £357.8m (Source: IRI December 2006). This comprised 292.1m packs made up of 5.7bn individual pills.

Analgesics remain the most effective remedy for pain. A wide range of analgesics are available OTC, differentiated not only by their active ingredients but also by their formats.


A history of innovative product launches has maintained Anadin's position as a leading pain killer brand and today Anadin has the number one selling branded adult painkiller pack with Anadin Extra 16s (Source: IRI December 2006) and is the second biggest branded analgesic in the UK.

Over the years, the brand has led industry innovation and incorporated all the major 'general sales list' (GSL) ingredients (paracetamol, ibuprofen and aspirin) into its portfolio, enabling it to offer a range of targeted and effective solutions to combat pain. The brand has a solid base of core, loyal users with increasing frequency and weight of purchase. In 2006, the Anadin brand achieved £47.8m in value sales and sold 26.7m packs (Source: IRI December 2006).

Anadin understands that most people have hectic and enjoyable lifestyles, and don't want to be interrupted by pain. That's why it has built on years of expertise to create a range of effective and trusted products, designed to let people get on with their lives.

Anadin is the only brand in the UK whose product range covers the three principal GSL analgesics: paracetamol, ibuprofen and aspirin. The brand also offers an extensive choice of products and formulations to meet consumers' pain relief needs.

The most popular Anadin product is Anadin Extra, designed to provide fast, effective relief from all types of pain, from headaches to muscle aches. Its powerful triple action formula contains aspirin, paracetamol and caffeine to target the source of pain, help block pain and speed up relief. This combination is also available as Anadin Extra Soluble tablets which dissolve in water.

Anadin Ultra hits tough pain such as back, joint or muscle ache, hard. Its 200mg capsules contain the most concentrated form of liquid ibuprofen available, making them smaller and easier to swallow, while the liquid formulation gets to work fast.

Anadin Ibuprofen is a sugar-coated tablet designed to target the site of pain and Anadin Paracetamol is gentle on the stomach, suitable for all the family, including children over six years. This is effective for fevers associated with colds and flu. The range also includes Anadin Original, with dual action (aspirin and caffeine) tablets coated and shaped for easy swallowing.

Recent developments
The launch of Anadin Ultra Double Strength took place in 2006. It is the strongest dose of liquid ibuprofen now available to buy in capsule form and is only available from the chemist. Anadin Ultra Double Strength aims to help reduce the need to take multiple doses of ibuprofen. Taking one capsule provides effective pain relief for up to eight hours -- a full working day, or night's sleep. It takes effect almost twice as fast as standard ibuprofen tablets, so consumers can experience quicker relief from tough pain.

The launch of Anadin Ultra Double Strength is being supported by a national above-the-line campaign worth £4m across TV, press, radio and outdoor as well as a high profile consumer PR campaign to include sponsorship of charity events, radio promotions and a series of media briefings.

In addition, Anadin Extra will be heavily supported throughout the year with national TV and radio campaigns. An emotional stance is being taken to target consumers and reinforce Anadin as the brand 'For people who just get on with it'.

The Anadin Extra advert features a woman who, while juggling her children, husband and mother, suddenly gets an attack of pain and stops to take an Anadin Extra so she can get on with her life.

The Triple Action Formula is also highlighted and emphasis put on the different ingredients and what they do; one targets the point of pain, one helps block pain and one speeds up relief.

This forms part of an £8m media spend throughout 2007, designed to drive awareness and volume of purchase, with consumers being exposed to Anadin advertising all year. Meanwhile, all Anadin packaging was redesigned and was relaunched in August 2006. The new packaging was designed to deliver a clear message about what each Anadin sub-brand can offer the consumer, while still carrying the trademark yellow and the Anadin logo.

In line with the relaunch of the Anadin products in new packaging, the Anadin website was also revamped to reflect the brand's new look. The website now plays the role of a 'pain expert' for the consumer, answering pain related questions, and strengthening the core brand message: 'For people who just get on with it'. It also educates users about the Anadin range, suitability and healthy lifestyles.

On top of this, Anadin is helping the trade by supporting pharmacists and pharmacy counter assistants by educating them on analgesics and pain. The educational campaign, called 'Ask Anadin', is aimed at answering all their pain related questions, so in turn they can advise their customers.

Brand values
Anadin aims to understand consumers' pain and how it can affect their enjoyment of everyday life. It hopes to help those who just want to get on with their lives. Its products offer a range of solutions that are designed for effective relief from a wide variety of pains.

Things you didn't know about Anadin

  • According to Anadin's Pain Nation Pure Profile Consumer Survey in 2006, one in four women think that carrying a pain killer in their handbag is as essential as carrying a mobile phone or their keys.
  • Anadin was formulated by an American dentist in 1918.
  • Nearly 27m Anadin packs were sold last year. If stacked on top of each other, they would reach over 56 times the height of Mount Everest.
  • Anadin is now 75 years old.


1918 Anacin is launched in the US.
1932 Anacin launches as Anadin in the UK.
1962 Anadin becomes the UK proprietary analgesic brand leader.
1981 Anadin Soluble analgesic tablets are launched.
1983 Anadin Extra launches, followed by Anadin blister packs in 1984.
1987 The Anadin brand is redesigned.
1992 Anadin Extra Soluble tablets are launched.
1997 Anadin Ibuprofen tablets are launched, followed by Anadin Ultra two years later.
2001 The Anadin website goes live.
2006 Anadin packaging is redesigned. Anadin Ultra Double Strength is launched.

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