Newspaper under fire for Twittering a funeral

LONDON - A Denver based newspaper, the Rocky Mountain News, is under fire this morning after one of its reporters used the social networking service Twitter to cover the funeral of a three year old child.

Micro blogging service Twitter, which is steadily growing in popularity, is increasingly used by newspapers, television stations and other media organisation to break news.

Some of the first reports of the recent earthquakes in China came via Twitter, but this is thought to be the first time the service has been used to offer a blow-by-blow coverage of a funeral.

The move has been called "morbid" and one critic told "there was an element of pillaging a private moment of grief that I'm uncomfortable with".

A Colorado Independent reporter wrote after seeing the paper's report: "Today, Rocky Mountain News reporter Berny Morson took the notion of Twitter to staggeringly low depths."

Neither the reporter in question, Berny Morson, nor Rocky Mountain News have commented, but the Twitter feed is still active with every detail of the funeral available to read.

Morson's Twitter feed reads as follows:

rabbi calls end to ceremony   10:28 AM September 10, 2008  from txt       
rabbi chanting final prayer in hebrew 10:27 AM September 10, 2008 from txt    
earth being placed on coffin. 10:22 AM September 10, 2008 from txt    
rabbi recites the main hebrew prayer of death 10:20 AM September 10, 2008 from txt rabbi zucker praying 10:18 AM September 10, 2008 from txt    
coffin lowered into ground 10:18 AM September 10, 2008 from txt    
people gathering at graveside 10:14 AM September 10, 2008 from txt    
procession begins 10:01 AM September 10, 2008 from txt    
cars queuing up to follow hearse 09:59 AM September 10, 2008 from txt    
pallbearers carry out coffin followed by mourners. 09:48 AM September 10, 2008 from txt    
people again are sobbing. rabbi again asks god to give marten everlasting life.


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