Bragster relaunches to attract brands

LONDON -, the site where dares and challenges are played out, is rebranding as it seeks to boost advertising revenue.

Bragster allows users to dare their friends to accomplish bizarre tasks such as 'apple bobbing in the toilet' and upload videos  to prove they've done  it.

Co-founder Bertrand Bodson said the site is removing blogs and other social networking tools to make dares the core offering.

He said the move will make the site, which is aimed at 16 to 24 year-old males, more accessible to advertisers, allowing them to integrate their brands with dares.

Bodson feels brands need to think beyond the standard CPM advertising model of banner deals or changing the backdrop of the site and integrate themselves into the online community. 

In the past the site has hosted ‘sponsored brags' where brands such as Cadbury have challenged the community to complete a dare using their product.

Examples include a clothing company challenging users to show how many t-shirts they can wear at one time, or a mobile company asking how far they can throw their mobile phone.

"We don't sell sponsored brags to our user base, we say here is a competition for you guys, go ahead and have fun," Bodson said.



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