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How UK organisations can conquer US vertical industries effectively

It has become increasingly difficult for UK companies to sell to the US if they lack Stateside customers who can act as local references. US-based marketing and PR consultant Flora Iacchia explains how marketers can overcome this hurdle.

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Today, it has become increasingly difficult for UK organisations to sell goods and services to the US if their organisations do not already have customers in the States who can act as local references for potential prospects.

How to overcome this hurdle is a major preoccupation of marketers in the UK. They are looking for innovative answers that will grab the attention of buyers in the States, enhance the credibility of their companies there, and empower their organisation’s sales forces to close deals faster.

One way for UK companies to achieve visibility in today’s highly competitive US markets is to embrace an effective marketing approach that takes into account the concrete differences amongst the vertical markets in the States.

The reason: Each vertical market in the States harbors its own problems that need to be solved and is looking for solutions to remove these obstacles from its path. This is where the UK organisations can make a vital difference to these different markets by providing the solutions to these problems, which are endemic to different sectors.

Thus, understanding the challenges of these different sectors is the first step that UK organisations must take to implement a strategic approach to market development in the States.

Learning the problems in these different markets can be achieved, at the click of a button, by conducting research on the Internet and by finding US magazines serving targeted vertical industries.

UK marketers who take the time to read these magazines can find a wealth of information about the status of these various industries in the States, trends in these targeted markets, and obstacles faced by these potential buyers.

The next step is for UK organizations to explore ways in which their goods and services can match the unique demands of these targeted markets in the States. As part of this exercise, the UK organisations can build credibility in US markets by providing UK references in the same market niches as the US prospects.

This approach may help to alleviate the need for providing customer references based in the United States and can empower UK organisations to more effectively compete in US markets.

In building their US marketing plans, UK organisations will want to create on their Web sites special success kits by targeted industries. These success kits will include information on how their goods and services can empower US customers in targeted industries to solve their challenges and to generate more profits.

So, much thought and reflection must go into building these different kits by industries sectors. As part of the Web content for these kits, UK companies will need to include, if possible, case scenarios and user stories by industry sectors.

As part of their marketing efforts, UK organisations can also launch promotional campaigns in their targeted US vertical industries and encourage prospects to visit the success kits on their Web sites. This strategy can lower the cost of generating leads because it can bring qualified prospects to the success kits by industry sectors.

Another benefit of this approach is that it helps UK organisations to conquer beachheads in various US vertical industries and to grow their profits.


UK organisations that want to succeed in the US marketplace would do well to explore the merits of adopting marketing strategies to reach their targeted vertical markets in the States. Doing so will enable these organisations to leverage the expertise they have acquired in marketing, selling, and servicing various industries in the UK and applying the lessons learned to their target markets in the States.

Such an approach can go a long way toward building credibility for the UK organisations in the States, particularly if they are able to furnish references in targeted industries to potential US buyers. Such a strategy will enable the UK organisation to lower its costs per sales and to close new business faster in the States.


Flora Iacchia is a Senior Public Relations and Marketing Consultant for many companies in the US and overseas including ObjectStar International, MERANT Corporation, and SAVVIS Communications. She advises organisations on how to market, publicize, and sell cost-effectively to vertical industries in the US.

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