Cannes isn't what it used to be - but is that so bad?

First, the disclaimer: if you're not going to Cannes, if you're not obsessed by creativity and you have no intention of working with ambitious clients, then perhaps there are a few things in this global issue of Campaign that you might want to pass quickly over. More time to start planning your retirement, eh?

For the rest of us: ahh, Cannes – 37,400 pieces of work across 97 countries can’t be wrong. The US has lodged the most entries (6,213), then Brazil, then the UK (with 2,757). Even Albania, Ghana and San Marino are chasing Lions this year. Our world is shifting its focus to the Croisette and minds will be improved, careers will be made, deals will be done, livers will be bruised.

The more marketers understand how to brief and buy creative excellence, the better off we'll all - literally-be. Do your best, Cannes 

Apparently, McDonald’s won this award not because it spends a lot of money with agencies, nor because it spends a lot of money with all the media owners that now support Cannes, nor because it sends a lot of delegates to the event, nor because the organisers are simply ticking off annually any giant advertiser that has ever made a decent ad. McDonald’s has won because it "consistently places creativity at the heart of its advertising and communications". Fair enough. It does. But here we get to the real point of Cannes now. Because unfathomable as it seems, not all advertisers put creativity at the heart of their communications. I know, crazy-mad, isn’t it?

But that Cannes is over, and it’s pretty important that more and more senior marketers spend time imbibing what brilliant creativity looks like so that they know when to say yes in creative presentations and so that putting "creativity at the heart of their communications" isn’t such a rare thing. The more marketers understand how to brief and buy creative excellence, the better off we’ll all – literally – be. Do your best, Cannes.

And, in the meantime, if anyone wants to launch a creatives-only awards somewhere hot, I’ll be there.


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