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Imogen Heap and the art of creative failure External website

by Rachel Bull, 28/08/2014

Singer Imogen Heap’s gig at the Roundhouse last Sunday night should be a lesson to us all in creative exploration of a digital world. It taught me two things: how to explore technology creatively, and how to fail with dignity.

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Infographic: The rise of the feed External website

by Chris Quigley, 28/08/2014

With mobile traffic growing seven times quicker than desktop growth, up to 30.2 million uniques in 2014 (according to Ofcom), the role of the *feed* has become core to people’s everyday content consumption.

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Household probiotics External website

by Greg Taylor, 27/08/2014

When you read the words ‘probiotics’ and ‘good bacteria’, you’ll probably picture a tub of yoghurt or Yakult – not necessarily cleaning products. But today’s a new day, complete with a natural new science-based health trend: Pro-microbiome.

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Are brands ready for the Millennials? External website

by Julian Douch, 27/08/2014

In its recent communications market report Ofcom has proven that the millennium generation of 14 and 15-year-olds are the most technology-savvy in the UK. Their exposure and awareness to digital media and brand communication across all tech devices is going to equal if not surpass that of the current adult generation, which today is estimated at a staggering eight hours 41 minutes.

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The blurred lines of native ads External website

by Brian Brady, 27/08/2014

Facebook recently started labelling stories from The Onion as ‘satire’ to help its more gullible readers recognise a joke when it’s coming at them. (Apparently headlines like ‘Meerkats have dark, sinister side’ can be open to serious interpretation). But how clearly labelled should brand stories be online, particularly native advertising pieces placed by brands to look uncannily similar to main editorial content?

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Forget social, it’s all about community now. Even new economics is going that way. External website

by Chris Arnold, 27/08/2014

“From religion to politics, economics to marketing, ‘community’ is the key word that needs to be painted 6 foot tall on all walls of thought leaders.”


Bubble and clique External website

by Greg Taylor, 26/08/2014


Holidays. The perfect time to get away from it all. Forget about the stress and strains modern life. Treat yourself to a couple of weeks relaxing in the middle of nowhere. Well now it seems a couple of French entrepreneurs have taken the idea of ‘spending some time in your own bubble’ quite literally.

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The three dimensions of customer loyalty External website

by Matt Holt, 26/08/2014

As performance marketers have known for decades, loyalty marketing, the act of increasing customer value by focusing efforts on your existing customers, can be a powerful driver of company growth. Research conducted by Bain & Co has shown that retailers with a loyalty programme are 88% more profitable, on average, than competitors without one.

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Pornstars have great customer service External website

by Karel Kumar, 26/08/2014

This salacious title all stemmed from a conversation I had with an old client, now friend over a drink after work one evening. We were in an uber trendy spot in the trendiest part of East London. The girls had chunks missing out of their hair, the gents beards were groomed to the perfect length and everyone was rocking the Nordic wardrobe.

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by Dave Trott, 26/08/2014


When Andrew Bastawrous was a little boy, he was failing most of his classes at school.

Then one day he had an eye test.

The optician found that he couldn’t see the blackboard properly.



Mobile signals the end for banner ads – so what’s next? External website

by Paul Lyonette, 26/08/2014

Banner ads. They have been a staple of online advertising for the best part of two decades. But when delegates at numerous conferences are told they’re more likely to climb Everest or survive a plane crash than click on a banner ad, it’s clear this advertising format has had its day.

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Lights, camera, cheers! External website

by Greg Taylor, 25/08/2014

Butch and Sundance. Riggs and Murtaugh. Buzz and Woody. Jake and Elwood, Garth and Wayne (schwing). Hollywood’s seen some pretty epic teamwork over the years, but none are more innovative than Grolsch’s latest partnership with the film business.

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Women in advertising – liberating their talent External website

by Rachel Brushfield, 25/08/2014

Globally women make more than 80% of purchasing decisions, choosing everything from the family’s food and clothing to holidays and cars. So it seems only logical that their professional contributions would be essential within the advertising industry – an industry estimated by The Work Foundation to have added more than £15.6 billion pounds to the UK economy in 2008 with those figures only increasing year on year.

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Watch and glow External website

by Greg Taylor, 22/08/2014

Shhhh at the front! If you’re an angry cinema-goer, the kind who tuts whenever someone rummages in their popcorn or fumbles with their fruit gums, this is for you.

Renowned food design studio Bompas & Parr has created luminescent ice cream so movie watchers can see their snacks in the dark. Created for Cornetto, the ice creams feature the iconic waffle cone and chocolate top, but with a glowing yellow filling.

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Slow developer External website

by Greg Taylor, 22/08/2014

Remember how exciting it used to be dropping off a film to be developed? The hope you felt as you picked your snaps up? The despair you felt as you flicked through them?

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In-store digital…when does it truly succeed? External website

by Carlos Virgile, 22/08/2014

In the current retail market the rules of brand engagement are in a continuous state of flux. The speed of this change has lead to a lot of knee jerk reactions from retailers as they seek to integrate digital into their offer.

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Opening the talent cookie jar External website

by Nick Whitehurst, 22/08/2014

To survive as an agency we must offer knowledge, creativity and delivery. To do so, we need great people at every stage. Change and innovation are our lifeblood. Standing still is not an option. Being smart about change is the key to our business.

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Is Amazon’s Local Register set to shake up digital payment platforms? External website

by Jason Nathan, 22/08/2014

The retail industry has patiently waited for digital payment platforms to take off: NFC has not yet delivered the magic bullet many had hoped for. Apathy (or, perhaps, deliberate foot dragging) from retailers and major technology players has led to consumer indifference. This year, so far, Best Buy and 7-11 have both shut down their in-store NFC programmes.

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Long Lost Families and Masters of Sex External website

by Hugh Salmon, 21/08/2014

The most interesting thing in the world is people. And, talking about interesting, which we were, and people, which we are, there is a peculiar juxtaposition in two TV series currently on air.

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Getting Personal: The Ever Growing Debate around Brand and Personalisation External website

by Tara Beard-Knowland, 20/08/2014

Ipsos ASI specialise in brand & communication research, this blogs looks at personalisation and privacy associated with brand campaigns.


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Infographic: The rise of the feed External website

by Chris Quigley, 28/08/2014


Household probiotics External website

by Greg Taylor, 27/08/2014


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