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Infographic: The key to pitch success External website

by Polly Becker, 24/04/2014

New research commissioned by visual content and production strategy agency Saddington Baynes has revealed the three most important success factors when it comes to pitching creative work.

The results showed concept visualisation, chemistry with the client, and strategy and insight are the key factors.

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Using data to deliver advertising before a need emerges External website

by Ian Edwards, 24/04/2014

Julian Assange took a typically reserved stance on the subject of privacy recently. “The ability to surveil everyone on the planet is almost there,” he decreed at SXSWi from his Ecuadorian bunker in the heart of Knightsbridge. To be honest, when it comes to filling the news pages, the integrity of personal data didn’t need the world’s most famous fugitive to raise its profile. In fact, if a recent conversation I had is anything to go by then it’s sure to remain a distinctive trend for a little while yet.
A friend, who recently left the military and found employment as a government consultant, was telling me about a project he’s working on to build a single holistic digital view of every citizen. The theory is that if you can combine demographic information with different behaviour patterns and apply some clever statistical analysis, then you can predict how that individual is likely to behave in the future. This has obvious benefits across a number of sectors like tax and health, but I suspect given the type of people involved it had more to do with security. Still, it’s good to know that our industry is wrestling with the same challenge as GCHQ albeit with slightly different objectives.

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World Cup mania begins, and dubstep gets HOT External website

by Chris Quigley, 24/04/2014

With less than 50 days until the start of the World Cup, partner brands are really starting to capitalise on their sponsorship deals. This week’s branded chart topper comes from the official motor oil of the tournament, Castrol, and pits global rally icon and YouTube star, Ken Block, against one of the expected stars of the tournament, Neymar.

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Simply, Better External website

by Tara Beard-Knowland, 23/04/2014

Last week, I went to the ballet and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. I love the ballet. It is not about the grace (and it is graceful) or the beauty (and it is beautiful); it is the effortlessness with which the dancers execute moves of tremendous strength, often in synchrony with many other dancers. It never ceases to amaze or surprise me. Among my many hobbies, I am a yoga teacher in training. I know (or at least can guess) just how much effort must be going in to making that hard work effortless and into making the difficult look simple. But it is all the better for looking so simple and so effortless.

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Virtual reality just got mainstream External website

by Adam Hartley, 23/04/2014

You will of course know by now the ins and outs of the current state of virtual reality. A month ago, it probably wasn’t even on your radar.

Facebook bought Oculus VR last month, the crowd-funded Kickstarter success behind the development of the first major virtual reality headset, the Oculus Rift. For two billion dollars. Sony also recently announced its own plans to release a PlayStation-branded VR headset for gamers and PlayStation 4 owners later in 2015. These two immense news announcements alone confirm what many within the VR space have known for some time.

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Beyond greenwash to greatness: big brands are turning into society’s problem-solvers External website

by Gemma Adams, 23/04/2014

The Economist Intelligence Unit says social marketing is a top five trend for 2014 and new research says that purpose-driven messages live longest in consumers’ minds. If your brand wants to stand-up and stand-out with purpose it’s time to re-set your ‘guff’ detector. An era of brand trouble-shooters is here and they’re putting greenwash to shame.

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Integrating live and digital experiences External website

by Sharon Richey, 23/04/2014

With its focus on live events, emotional engagement and digital connectivity, experiential marketing might appear to be a resolutely 21st century idea. Of course it’s much older than that.

Since the dawn of civilisation people have been gathering together to try, buy and exchange goods and services. Long before the term ‘networking’ had been coined, our ancestors were building business relationships based on trust, mutual benefit and common values.

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Native can be networked External website

by Francis Turner, 22/04/2014

Native advertising paves the way for brands to be bold and proud of the content they create – and truly become publishers of quality, engaging and transparent content that wins them loyalty, engagement and revenue. But is creating a network effect for native an oxymoron in itself; how can you customise content to sit across a myriad number of websites, at scale?

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Google Glass – an unstoppable PR masterpiece External website

by Daniel Todaro, 22/04/2014

After years of build up and anticipation, last week saw Google Glass going on sale in the US for 24 hours only. The much-hyped wearable tech product is still being trialled and consumers who purchased them this week are part of the beta-testing Explorer Programme. Google has yet to confirm how many of the devices were sold overall, but we do know that only the white frames sold out. In spite of this it’s been impossible to escape the hype around Google Glass.

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Diesel stretch their brand like their jeans External website

by Chris J Reed, 22/04/2014

You may think you know the brand Diesel but you may be surprised how far they have stretched their brand through innovative partnerships with much larger more traditional companies desperately trying to be cool.

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Why small data matters External website

by Tony Quin, 22/04/2014

It seems no one buys hype faster than purveyors of the hype themselves. Maybe that’s why the idea of ‘Big Data’ has become a wildfire burning its way into every crevice of the marketing conversation. However, I’m not sure that many of us know exactly what we are talking about since the term seems to have become a catchall for everything that concerns data.

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I HEART MEMES External website

by Dave Trott, 22/04/2014

Susan Blakemore wrote ‘The Meme Machine’.
She says a meme isn’t simply something that occurs on the Internet, like LOL-cats or hashtags.
In Wikipedia it’s defined as follows:
“A meme acts as a unit for carrying cultural ideas, symbols, or practices that can be transmitted from one mind to another through, writing, speech, gestures, rituals, or other imitable phenomena.”
Put simply, a meme is something that catches on.
Susan Blackmore gives an example of a meme in everyday life.
She shows a photo of a toilet in a backpacker’s hostel in Malaysia.
The toilet is very basic of course, tatty, well worn, but clean.
We don’t notice anything unusual until she points out the toilet roll.
The corners of the first sheet have been folded over.
She shows various photos of the same thing, the first sheet of toilet paper with the corners folded.
In a hostel in Shanghai, in a toilet on a Japanese train, in an outdoor toilet in Thailand,
Why is it happening everywhere, what does it signify?
Well to most of us it signifies that we will be the first person to use that toilet since it was cleaned.
But when did that become a sign?
Personally, I first noticed it several years ago.
At home, we had a cockney cleaning lady called Carole.
Her sons paid for her to have a holiday in a nice New York hotel.
Carole noticed that every day after the cleaning staff had finished, they folded the corners on the first sheet on the toilet roll.
Carole had never seen that before.
But she liked it and remembered it.
She thought it looked professional even though it cost nothing.
When she came back, she began doing it to our toilet rolls.
It was Cariole’s way of signifying that she’d done her job: that room was now clean and ready to use.
I didn’t know it had caught on until I saw Susan Blackmore’s talk.
But that’s exactly how a meme works.
No one tells us what it means, but we see it and we get it.
We like it so we use it.
Then, other people do the same and it gets into the language.
Without ever being explained, or discussed, or taught.
Another meme would be the heart symbol.
We see it everywhere, especially on Valentine’s Day cards.
But in medieval times it was a heraldic device used on shields and banners.
At some point it became the universal symbol for love.
Then it was carved into trees.
And now, it even substitutes for the word itself: “I (heart) NY”.
The extended middle finger would be another meme.
It’s believed to be an ancient Italian gesture, indicating homosexuality.
Immigrants took it to New York with them.
It was adopted as a universal insult and spread across America.
And spread, via American films, across the world.
That’s what a meme is, a symbol that catches on and communicates.
That’s how semiotics works, that’s how language works.
That’s how all communication works.
If we want our work to catch on, we need to study memes.

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Want career change, but juggling priorities? External website

by Rachel Brushfield, 20/04/2014

Many people want to make a career change, but don’t start. Lacking time, they are always juggling priorities but investing time in marketing themselves, essential to create a career change isn’t one of them. Here are some tips:

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The Power of Colour External website

by Ardi Kolah, 17/04/2014

The choice of colour has become one of the single most important elements in creating a brand. I remember having a conversation about this over lunch with a very good friend and mentor of mine, Wally Olins CBE, who sadly passed away this week at the age of 83.

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Why God is still big box office at Easter External website

by Ardi Kolah, 17/04/2014

How Mel Gibson tapped into the feelings of Christians with block buster movie that took Hollywood by surprise


Forget about the BRICS External website

by Dan Foreman, 17/04/2014

There’s only one kid in town – BRAZIL.


That’s right, the World is about to go even crazier for amazing Brazilian products.


My 8 year old son has even clocked it – drinking the Brazilian Guava Lucozade. According to him Pele even drinks it!

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New trends in natural and organic FMCG. External website

by Chris Arnold, 16/04/2014

This week I visited the Natural & Organic Show in Olympia, a trade show featuring hundreds of ‘good’ brands founded by passionate people more interested in health than wealth. Here are the new trends...


Jesus Games. External website

by Nick Jefferson, 15/04/2014

We don’t really do religion in our family.

Indeed, the catch-all, non-denominational, multi-faith, woefully inaccurate moniker that we afford to all religions is ‘Jesus Games’.

Some people like to go and play Jesus Games on a Sunday, some on a Saturday, and some on a Friday.

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The Trust Trap strikes again External website

by Andy Nairn, 15/04/2014

Last week, we were treated to another one of those surveys, listing Britain’s most trusted brands. This time, the top 3 positions were held by the AA, the Post Office and Boots. All famous names, to be sure, and all companies full of integrity. So no doubt we should congratulate them for this momentous achievement. But perhaps our praise should be somewhat muted.

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BIG DATA v SMART DATA External website

by Dave Trott, 15/04/2014

A while back, a man went into a Target supermarket in Minneapolis.
He asked for the manager.
He said “I find this offensive. Your store has sent this leaflet, personally addressed to my teenage daughter.
Coupons for maternity clothing, nursery furniture, baby-clothes, baby milk, diapers.
My daughter is still in school, what are you trying to do, encourage her to get pregnant?”
It seemed like a mistake so the manager apologised.

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