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So Ya. Thought Ya. Might Like To….Go To The Show. External website

by Nick Jefferson, 31/01/2015

I’m an atheist.

It’s really easy for atheists to take potshots at religion.

But religion gets some things right.

Religion understands (cliché alert) “storytelling”.

Religion understands the power of big ideas, and ideas with longevity at that.

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Hubble, bubble, boil and trouble External website

by Greg Taylor, 30/01/2015

Organic produce. Health food. Juice bars. What images come to mind? Rustic wholesomeness, raw wood and chirpy chalkboards, most probably. Time for a change? Just what Chicago’s rather rebellious Owen+Alchemy thought too.

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How is Twitter video set to impact brands? External website

by Declan Burke, 30/01/2015

Twitter’s announcement this week that it will be launching a new video function allowing users to film, edit and post video clips confirms that 2015 is set to be the year of video.

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2015 is the year for video advertising External website

by The Wall, 30/01/2015

At the start of each year most of us naturally seek to do a bit of crystal ball gazing. For online marketers this is especially important.

Being able to accurately predict how the ad market will unfold in the year ahead can often make the difference between boom and bust, writes Eliav Moshe, senior VP of mobile at Dmg Media.

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Infographic: The strategy behind Google’s most costly acquisitions External website

by Polly Becker, 30/01/2015

Between January 2012 and January 2014, Google spent more on acquisitions that its five biggest competitors combined. It bloody loves shopping.

But ever wondered why it went after the likes of Nest, YouTube and AdMob? And what, pray, does it have its eye on next?

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Dishonour bound External website

by Greg Taylor, 29/01/2015

There have been few more chilling news stories recently than the ‘honour’ killing of Shafilea Ahmed in 2003. Suffocated by a plastic bag stuffed into her mouth, the 17-year old was murdered by her parents, in front of her young siblings.

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4 native advertising predictions External website

by Chris Quigley, 29/01/2015

Following the hype of native advertising in 2014, here are some insights into what to expect from native in 2015 as the industry matures.

Mobile-first content

2014 saw mobile content consumption tip over the 50% mark: we now spend more time on mobile than we do on TV.

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5 steps to boosting ROI on Google Shopping External website

by Oliver Lees, 29/01/2015

Google Shopping is a key part of the marketing mix for most e-commerce businesses.

Thanks to Google’s continuing dominance of search (it currently has an 88% share of the UK market), this channel accounts for a huge proportion of revenues for many companies.

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Just jiggle it External website

by Greg Taylor, 28/01/2015


Bingo wings wobbling. Flushed jowls joggling. Mascara running faster than you are… If you shudder with recognition at these images, you’re probably a woman. A real one, who finds motivation the hardest part of keeping fit. And one who’s not alone.

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Selfie and Internet of Things see huge spike in design search trends External website

by Rachel Bull, 28/01/2015

Breakout digital trends saw the biggest rise in image searches in 2014, that’s according to Shutterstock’s latest ‘Creative Trends’ report released this week.

The report reveals the key downloads and searches made by marketers, advertisers, designers, art directors, filmmakers, and bloggers from Shutterstock’s library of images, video clips, and music tracks.

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by Dave Trott, 28/01/2015



1993 was the year ‘the brand’ died.

At least that’s what all the marketing experts thought.

Investors wiped $13.4 billion off Philip Morris shares, because they owned the most profitable brand in the world.



4 trends that will shape the future of email marketing External website

by Sharon Jennings, 28/01/2015

The rise of mobile has increased email marketing’s standing amongst digital marketers. And once the Apple Watch is out, the humble email will be one of the best ways to reach consumers with your marketing messages.

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Is the next election heading for an ad disaster? External website

by Chris Arnold, 28/01/2015

Well when it comes to election marketing the Americans can teach us a few things. But if the Tories recent ad is anything to go by, the era of great British political advertising is well past.


You can coco External website

by Greg Taylor, 27/01/2015

The times when the chocolate urge hits are usually the times when you can’t really be bothered to trudge down to the shops. What if you could, say, just download some chocolate? Like, print it out and get guzzling? All without moving from your desk / sofa / duvet? Mike TV and Willy Wonka though it was a pretty good idea. And Hershey does too.

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A State Of Trance – the ultimate multi-channel music brand External website

by Chris J Reed, 27/01/2015

Armin Van Buuren’s amazing music superbrand A State of Trance (ASOT) celebrates 700 shows this week with a massive show and celebratory events in Sydney and Melbourne.

What started as a dance genre has become a multi level marketing operation unparalleled in global music for the strength of it’s brand, loyalty of its fans, variety of its interactive aspects and longevity of it’s brand strength.

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Mobile, not wearable tech, will have its moment in 2015 External website

by The Wall, 26/01/2015

For a few years now, brands, marketers and advertisers have been patiently waiting for the pivotal moment when wearable technology is embraced by mainstream consumers, excited by the prospect of all the customer data that can mined from these devices and they have reasons to be enthusiastic.

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Why native needs metrics all of its own External website

by Adam Rock, 26/01/2015

Native is hailed as the answer to engaging banner-blind, content-hungry consumers. But marketers still need to be able to prove its value.

As native adoption increases, it is clear that traditional display performance metrics are inadequate for measuring the success of this format.

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A cure for bacon lovers External website

by Greg Taylor, 26/01/2015

There’s nothing quite like the pride you put into making a bacon sandwich: the Saturday morning ritual; the selection of ingredients; the skill of assemblage. Not to mention the bacon itself – sizzling, crisp and succulent – pressed between soft slices of bread that’ve been laminated with butter and sauce (red, brown or both). Who wouldn’t want to make the most of it?

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With Apologies To Baz Luhrmann External website

by Nick Jefferson, 26/01/2015

Ladies and Gentlemen
Of the Marketing & Advertising Industry of 2015;

Listen to your clients.

If I could offer you only one tip for the future,
Listening to your clients would be it.

The long-term benefits of listening to your clients
Have been proven by accountants;
Whereas the rest of my advice has no basis,
More reliable than my own meandering experience.

I will dispense this advice, now.

Trust your instincts and the common sense
Of your youth.
Oh never mind;
You will not understand the value of your instincts
And the common sense of your youth
Until you have been forced to.

But trust me, in 20 years, you’ll look back
At the industry bullshit that was being spouted
And recall in a way that
You don’t have the confidence to do now,
How right your instincts were
And how ephemeral that latest
‘This Will Change Everything’ channel really was.

You are not as dumb as your agency
Makes you imagine.
Don’t worry about the future;
Or worry, but know that understanding your clients’
Hopes and dreams will stand you in good stead

The real troubles in your career are apt to be people;
The kind that you just can’t believe
Really exist in the workplace.

Do one thing everyday that puts you
In the shoes of your client.


Don’t settle for intellectual mediocrity,
Don’t put up with people who are
Intellectually mediocre.


Don’t waste your time on office politics;
Sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind.
But the rest of the world just could not give a shit.

Remember the value you bring,
Forget about when the planner makes you feel small.
If you succeed in doing this,
Tell your Creative Director how.

Keep daily contact with your clients,
Throw away your SoWs.


Don’t feel guilty if you don’t know
What you want to do with your career.

The most interesting people that I know now,
Knew at 22 what they wanted to do with their lives;
But they became the 40 year olds who don’t.

Drink plenty of alcohol.

Be kind to receptionists;
They know everything and everyone.

Maybe you’ll win a Lion, maybe you won’t;
Maybe you’ll get a bonus, probably you won’t;
Maybe you’ll leave the industry at 40;
Maybe they’ll put you in the
Advertising Hall of Fame on your 75th birthday.

Whatever you do, always remind yourself to
Walk the floors.
You’ll be amazed at just how much you can learn.
And so will everybody else.

Enjoy your creative mind, use it every way you can.
Don’t be afraid of it,
Or scared off by those who are labelled ‘creative’.
It’s the greatest asset you’ll ever own.

Write… even if you find it hard; it forces you to think.

Break bread, even when you’re not hungry.

Do NOT read industry magazines,
They will only give you FOMO.

Get to know your Chairman,
You never know when he’ll be gone for good.

Be nice to your colleagues;
They are the best link to your next job,
And the people most likely to tell stories about you
In the future.

Understand that agencies and accounts come and go,
But for the precious few you should hold on.

Work hard to bridge the gaps in geography,
Invest in your relationships now,
Because the older you get,
The more you’ll be able to help the people you knew when you were young.

Work client-side once,
But leave before it makes you terminally depressed;

Work in an agency once,
But leave before it makes you clinically insane.


Accept certain inalienable truths:
Finance departments will make you fill in forms,
Agencies prefer talking about themselves,
You too will get senior.

And when you do, you’ll fantasise that,
When you were young:
Finance departments were helpful,
Agencies preferred talking about their clients,
And juniors respected their bosses.

Respect your bosses.

Don’t expect anyone else to bring work to you.
Maybe you have a big marketing budget,
Maybe you have a retained account;
But you never know when either one might run out.

You can’t mess enough with the received wisdom
Of an industry that, at 40, already looked 85.

Beware the ‘Next Big Idea’,
And be cautious with those who supply it.
The ‘Next Big Idea’ is often an old, small idea.
Dispensing it is a way of fishing the ‘creative brilliance’
Of the past from the disposal,
Wiping it off,
Photoshopping the other brand’s logos,
And recycling it for more than it’s worth.

But trust me,
On listening to the clients…

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Bright old things External website

by Greg Taylor, 23/01/2015

Fully on-trend with this Flat Age Society showcase, Selfridges has put a twist on its annual Bright Young Things talent scheme by featuring work from a somewhat more mature creative scene. (Thanks to fellow Flat Ager, David Whitbread.)

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