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Want to get ahead in advertising? Find a coach External website

by Susan Billinge, 28/07/2014

An issue of the Evening Standard last week contained a pretty depressing piece highlighting findings from the ONS that found the gender pay gap is widening in London.

It reported that men are being paid 13% more than women, with women receiving only 86.8p per hour for every pound paid to men, a decrease from 89.1p the year before.

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How going back to the source can awaken our creativity External website

by Ben Leeves, 28/07/2014

All too often in the creative industry our focus rests on chasing the Next Big Thing. But what happens when we take a step back and work from the starting point of ‘old’?

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The writing is on the wall for TV too External website

by Wolf Allisat, 25/07/2014

Measurement within print advertising has come under fire recently, criticism that online advertising has been seeing for sometime – not least from chair of Thinkbox, Tess Alps.

This is not the first time that transparency across online advertising has been compared unfavourably to other channels, and it is often TV that is held up as a shining example of an advertising model, but we often forget where it falls down and where online excels in terms of measurement and accountability.

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Words still matter External website

by Maria Kivimaa, 25/07/2014

It all started with those innocent little smileys that we began adding to our first text messages to convey a feeling. Then came Facebook, and we changed lengthy blogs for shorter status updates – and before long, those updates turned into photos. Then came Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, Snapchat and whatnot.

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The Empowered Female Consumer: A New Representation of Women in Advertising? External website

by Tara Beard-Knowland, 25/07/2014

For years we’ve seen the role of the women in advertising evolve; from perfect housewife, to aspirational beauty, we’ve seen high expectations and the pressure mounting on women. The introduction of Photoshop has set the bar even higher for women, as perfection becomes even more impossible for the average woman to achieve. This is largely based on the assumption that just being ourselves isn’t good enough. The role of women in society is defined, and female consumers can often be encouraged to fit the mould.

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It may be right. It may be good. But is it interesting? External website

by Hugh Salmon, 25/07/2014

David Ogilvy said this about advertising:

‘You can’t bore people into buying your product, you can only interest them into buying it.’

Here is the same mantra with the key word underlined by me:

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10 questions to ask when choosing a mobile agency External website

by Daniel Solden, 24/07/2014

In a market that is increasingly diverse, fast-moving, and difficult to understand – the challenge of choosing the right mobile agency has never been greater. Here are ten of the most important questions (and answers), to help you decide:

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How to avoid the incremental trap External website

by Karen Connell, 24/07/2014

Imagine the scenario: It’s planning time and budgets are still really tough. Many consultancies and agencies will be talking to their clients about incremental growth, incremental volume, incremental profit, and incremental process improvements.

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Given cheap new technology, why are charity shops missing the donor under their roof? External website

by Chris Arnold, 24/07/2014

There are over 10,000 charity shops across the UK and growing, but all are failing to use cheap modern technology that could help them make more money. Why?


Free is the way to engage in Singapore marketing External website

by Chris J Reed, 24/07/2014

Free is the magic word in Singapore for any marketing campaign. If you use it you can promote anything.

I love Raffles Place in Singapore’s CBD as it’s always a hive of marketing activity. There are always a plethora of brands trying to capture the attention of busy business executives who are dashing around. You soon learn that “free” is the only message that truly works to achieve this objective.

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5 reasons “search for” is the best call to action for brands External website

by Jonjo Maudsley, 23/07/2014

The era of ‘buy now’, ‘experience this’ and ‘order yours today’ in above the line advertising is over. With so many media channels for people to choose from and so much competition for attention, these traditional call to actions (CTAs) are becoming less effective – they are too obvious.

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Is Facebook’s ‘buy’ button the answer to marketers prayers? External website

by Richard Jones, 23/07/2014

Both Facebook and Twitter have recently announced separate e-commerce plays which will make it easier to shop online using their services. Facebook has declared they are testing a ‘buy’ button, while Twitter has acquired payment startup CardSpring.

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by Dave Trott, 22/07/2014


Advertising is now taught as an academic subject.

It’s a sub-set of marketing.

So you can get a degree in marketing and one of your modules will be advertising.

You’ll do modules in: pricing & distribution theory, market research, brand planning, category management, ethical marketing, social and mobile media, presentation skills, and, oh yes, advertising.




by Jonathan Staines, 19/07/2014

Tossed might be a good brand name for a social media platform for coin collectors. Or an app to help Scotsmen choose their cabers. But it’s a salad bar.

Without doubt, the name is hard (ahem) to forget. In many contexts, the word ‘toss’ has a perfectly innocuous meaning. And it is relevant to food. We toss both pancakes and salads.



Will shuffling the pack create a winning hand for the Tories in 2015? External website

by Ardi Kolah, 18/07/2014

David Cameron is getting in touch with his feminine side in order to give the Cabinet a make over. But will he succeed at the ballot box next year?


What car? External website

by Ian Moore, 18/07/2014

Down the years I reckon it’s the automobile industry that has spent the most money floating ideas. Where they have floated off to, however, I have no idea. Like helium-filled balloons, they only stick around when they are firmly attached to their owner.

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Advertising’s dirty laundry External website

by TESS ALPS, 18/07/2014

This week’s story that the NPA (Newspaper Publishers’ Association) has served notice on the NRS (National Readership Survey) shows just how contentious and traumatic it is ensuring that our media research systems keep up with the tide of technological development. Rumour has it that the rift has been caused by frustrations over the pace of reform. It’s hard for collaborative JICs to meet perfectly the agenda of each of their diverse stakeholders but it’s worth trying. I’m sure all parties involved regret that they are now effectively washing their dirty laundry in public. But at least they have their hands in the sink and I am sure it will all end up smelling of roses.

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Yes. But, but, but………… External website

by Rachel Brushfield, 16/07/2014

Making a career change can feel as big a decision as choosing a life partner and whether to have a baby. That’s big.

To achieve a successful career change, you need to overcome the ‘buts’. A career change can seem like a huge mountain in front of you to climb. Part of my job as a talent liberator is to be your Sherpa.

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MANSPLAINING External website

by Dave Trott, 15/07/2014


In an article in the Economist, a neurosurgeon talks of her experience at a dinner party.

She was explaining a book she’d written to a group of people.

One of the men kept interrupting her.

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Phoney war External website

by Ian Moore, 11/07/2014

I gather from the media that there’s a grocery price war about to break out.

When I first started selling to supermarkets, Tesco were running ‘Discount 78′. They were locked in mortal combat with Asda, Sainsbury, Fine Fare and the Co-op superstores. It was billed in the press (no online then, of course) as ‘Discount to the Death’.

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