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The Idea Everyone’s Had, but now Someone’s Actually Done External website

by Lol and Nat, 02/09/2014


Now I can’t speak for every creative in the world, but I know Nat and I have had this idea for a bunch of different briefs.

It’s the kind of idea you present and everyone looks at you like you’ve just crash-landed from Planet Unfeasible.

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Amazon’s $970m acquisition of Twitch can be seen as a statement of intent External website

by Jason Mander, 02/09/2014

Not satisfied being a retailer of products, Amazon is moving increasingly towards being a publisher. It follows the self-publishing movement from Amazon’s Kindle store; curating its own App Store; Amazon Studios creating its own TV shows for Amazon’s Prime Streaming service; and more recently its own video games through Amazon Game Studios. Amazon does not just want to sell you products, it wants to you to be fully immersed in the Amazon ecosystem. We estimate Amazon has roughly 603 million monthly visitors.

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Education is key for the connected home External website

by Daniel Todaro, 02/09/2014

The connected home, moving beyond the early adopter stage, is now trickling into the mainstream. Research we recently undertook highlighted that 17% of Brits would like and have no concerns about installing smart devices into their home. While on the other side of the pond a study by Accenture illustrates that 69% of consumers are planning to buy a connected home device in the next five years.

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by Dave Trott, 02/09/2014



Filtered cigarettes were originally only for women.

Men smoked masculine, unfiltered cigarettes.

The thinking was that men could take tobacco straight, but it would be too strong for frail women.



The #VeryBeautyTour takes off on Instagram External website

by Susan Billinge, 01/09/2014

Brands including Babyliss, Illamasqua, Nails Inc, Max Factor, Murad, Real Techniques and Bourjois will be showcasing their products on board’s ‘Very Beauty’ bus, touring the UK this autumn.

The online fashion and beauty retailer’s £600,000 campaign has been designed, planned and executed by Posterscope, PSLive, Vizeum and Liveposter, bringing together digital out-of-home, experiential, social and user-generated content.

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SMEs urged to recalibrate AdWords campaigns ahead of close variant changes External website

by Elias Russezki, 01/09/2014

From September, advertisers using Google AdWords will no longer have the ability to de-select close variants. Close variants matching is an AdWords feature that allows ads to occur on misspellings and close variations to keywords within a campaign.

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Infographic: The golden age of travel booking External website

by Polly Becker, 01/09/2014

The results from a recent iProspect study into how older consumers (50+) use the internet when booking holidays showed one in three 50-69 year olds would make an online booking after watching video content about a destination.

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When all you can do is play the ball that is bowled to you External website

by Hugh Salmon, 31/08/2014

To many of us, especially those of us who lived through those days, the TV series Mad Men has been essential viewing. We have come to know the character Don Draper, played by John Hamm, like a friend. And now, this week, Hamm’s new film Million Dollar Arm has come to London. And it’s about cricket! Wahaay! Have the Americans seen the light?

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Wet behind the ears? External website

by Ian Moore, 29/08/2014

I saw a tv ad this afternoon that had me rather bamboozled – it was for a hosepipe (I think it magically expands during, and shrinks after, use). The product benefit seemed quite intriguing – but, hold on a minute – it’s September on Monday. I became more perplexed when I considered that I was watching the ad in Scotland. Do I even know anyone who owns a hose?

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Got posh milk? External website

by Greg Taylor, 29/08/2014

What’s on your breakfast table? A cereal box featuring cartoon animals? A sticky, squeezy bottle of congealed honey? A crumb-coated block of melting butter?

Raising the (breakfast) bar, at least in his imagination, is student Michael Garrett’s concept for Schepps Dairy Superior Milk.

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Has the Ice Bucket Challenge reached its tipping point? External website

by Jacqui Copas, 29/08/2014

From Dolly Parton, George W Bush and Oprah to this ‘cute’ two-year-old, everyone is doing it: unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past fortnight, your news feed is probably as full as ours with the now infamous Ice Bucket Challenge.

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World’s first-ever 3D print petition comes up trumps for elephants External website

by Susan Billinge, 29/08/2014

How do you get your charity noticed in a space already overflowing with e-petitions and direct mail? You could build a life-sized 3D printed elephant, which is how World Animal Protection (previously known as WSPA) has creatively chosen to get its message across as part of a campaign urging holidaymakers to boycott elephant rides and shows.

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Fashion, social media and the key to brand engagement External website

by The Wall, 29/08/2014

While social media certainly has its place as part of an overall marketing strategy, fashion brands need to look beyond the medium’s ability to simply drive short-term sales. Social media has proved itself to be a very powerful tool in some circumstances, but when it comes to clearing clothes rails its effect on our immediate purchasing decisions may be less powerful than commonly assumed, while its real potential remains overlooked.

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Dear Lorraine #1 External website

by NABS, 28/08/2014

Welcome to our new regular feature ‘Dear Lorraine’. Lorraine Jennings, head of support at NABS, tackles your career queries and concerns.

If there’s a question you’d like Lorraine to answer regarding anything to do with your working life, send an email to

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Live advertising External website

by Greg Taylor, 28/08/2014


What’s the first thing you do when your football team scores? For many fans, the answer is reach for your phone or laptop to see what everyone’s saying about it online.

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3 steps to creating awesome in-app and push messaging content External website

by Raj Aggarwal, 28/08/2014

If content is king and mobile is the way of the future, then there’s no better place to invest your content marketing time than in creating app messaging. Why apps? Because, the inherent goal of apps is to help someone complete a task, and with their broad accessibility, apps have become the preferred channel that provides the best, easiest solution possible.

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Imogen Heap and the art of creative failure External website

by Rachel Bull, 28/08/2014

Singer Imogen Heap’s gig at the Roundhouse last Sunday night should be a lesson to us all in creative exploration of a digital world. It taught me two things: how to explore technology creatively, and how to fail with dignity.

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Household probiotics External website

by Greg Taylor, 27/08/2014

When you read the words ‘probiotics’ and ‘good bacteria’, you’ll probably picture a tub of yoghurt or Yakult – not necessarily cleaning products. But today’s a new day, complete with a natural new science-based health trend: Pro-microbiome.

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Forget social, it’s all about community now. Even new economics is going that way. External website

by Chris Arnold, 27/08/2014

“From religion to politics, economics to marketing, ‘community’ is the key word that needs to be painted 6 foot tall on all walls of thought leaders.”


Bubble and clique External website

by Greg Taylor, 26/08/2014


Holidays. The perfect time to get away from it all. Forget about the stress and strains modern life. Treat yourself to a couple of weeks relaxing in the middle of nowhere. Well now it seems a couple of French entrepreneurs have taken the idea of ‘spending some time in your own bubble’ quite literally.

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