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Will VR take off as a mass consumer product? External website

by Adam Doherty, 24/10/2014

There’s been a wave of positive press for virtual reality (VR), which is driving momentum of interest in this new medium. The promise of engaging consumers worldwide with mind-blowing personal experiences is closing in. But we won’t be able to mesmerise on a macro scale until VR headsets become a mainstream product. So the crucial question is – does VR have a chance of reaching mass adoption, when all the naysayers insist it’s limited to gaming geeks?

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Six vital ad:tech themes for 2015 External website

by Neil Higgins, 24/10/2014

This week, I attended ad:tech London, which was celebrating its 10th birthday. It was a packed two days; here are the trends that stood out for me as we plan for 2015…

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Are you singular or plural? External website

by Rachel Brushfield, 24/10/2014

Portfolio careers are growing fast – because of need and want. More information below if this is a new concept for you.

A career portfolio or portfolio career has many pros. I have thought of over 70. Here are 10 of mine for now:

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Espresso yourself External website

by Greg Taylor, 23/10/2014

Leave the flasks to the hikers. What you need is a Minipresso, a dinky espresso machine for popping in your bag and pouring out when you’re on the move. (Hot stuff, Damo.)

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Pinterest: its popularity, power and potential External website

by Lorya Noseda, 23/10/2014

Pinterest, the world’s visually-led social network, is a self-expression engine, sophisticated visual search tool and virtual pin-board all rolled into one. It launched early 2010, has 57.9 million monthly users, women and 25-34 year olds are the dominant gender and age group active on the platform. It’s a mobile-popular platform, with three-quarters of sharing taking place on a mobile device.

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5 dos and don’ts of native advertising External website

by Rachel Powney, 23/10/2014

While the marketing industry struggles to precisely define native advertising, it is widely accepted that this format presents an exciting opportunity for brands. Native advertising currently accounts for over 20% of digital display ads in the UK with spend reaching £216 million, while global native advertising spend on social media alone is expected to reach $5 billion by 2017.

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RETAIL THERAPY External website

by Jonathan Staines, 22/10/2014

I was going to lament the lack of fresh thinking in UK retail when two things happened recently that gave me hope. One of them was only an advert but it was a bloody good advert. It made me realise that a certain British retailer is an unsung hero of the high street: Argos.

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Sky hi-fi External website

by Greg Taylor, 22/10/2014

Ever been to a wedding where the invitation asks you to submit your favourite tune for the DJ’s playlist? Ever hidden in shame as the dance floor clears and everyone tuts when your choice comes on?

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We need new news External website

by Grace Regan, 22/10/2014

I’m going to start with a confession.

Until just over a year ago, I wasn’t interested in ‘the news’. I may now be the co-founder and editor-in-chief of a news company, but I’m pretty new to the news thing.

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5 tips for a cross-device Christmas External website

by Nimeshh Patel, 22/10/2014

This year, technology and communications devices are undoubtedly due to top Christmas wish-lists in the developed world. With the September launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and October launch of new iPads, Apple is hoping that larger screens, faster internet connectivity and greater product variety will see the US company dominating the Christmas market.

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Nice one. External website

by Andy Nairn, 21/10/2014

Nice isn’t a word you encounter much in advertising these days. (Apart from when someone asks you the best airport for Cannes). It feels rather old fashioned. A bit vanilla. Damning with faint praise, perhaps.

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Mobile advertising: Why blending in is the new standing out External website

by Patrick Hourihan, 21/10/2014

Changing content consumption habits, driven by the proliferation of devices means brands are having to innovate the way in which they communicate with consumers, particularly on mobile devices. At Yahoo, we looked at how consumers are reacting to brands’ new efforts to engage with them, what they like already and what they want in future.

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The germinator External website

by Greg Taylor, 21/10/2014



Ever feel like you’re sitting in a doctor’s waiting room instead of a train carriage? If your morning commute is an everyday battle to avoid catching something horrific, you need the Germinator Transit jacket.

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NABS Tuesday Club Talk with Sir Martin Sorrell External website

by NABS, 21/10/2014

On Tuesday night we played host to a very special guest at our regular Tuesday Club Talk, with legendary ad-man Martin Sorrell taking to the stage at JWT. In what was his third Tuesday Club Talk, making him our most frequent speaker, Sir Martin ensured it was another memorable talk.

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40 brand logos with hidden messages External website

by Polly Becker, 21/10/2014

You’ve looked at them thousands of times, logos such as Amazon, FedEx and Coca-Cola, but have you ever really looked at them?

We take a look at the most famous brands in the world, and point out hidden design features and messages that most people have never spotted before. Infographic courtesy of Oomph.

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5 ways search benefits retailers External website

by Ben Cooper, 21/10/2014

The path to purchase is no longer linear. In a multi-screen world, consumers experience multiple touch points, via a variety of online and offline channels and devices, before the final conversion takes place.

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by Dave Trott, 21/10/2014


I just read Peter Mead’s new autobiography, it’s fascinating of course.

But not for the reason you’d think.

You’d think it would be difficult for him to choose the happiest moment of his life.



Doubling the 1% of what we’ve achieved…a snapshot from IAB Engage External website

by Paul Vallois, 20/10/2014

It’s only just begun: no, it’s not the opening line of a song, it was the theme of this year’s IAB Engage summit. It echoes the sentiment of Larry Page, at Google’s 2013 meeting, when he said: “We’re only at 1 per cent of what’s possible.” And while it’s laudable, it does seem as though the faster the industry runs at this, the quicker the size of the opportunity expands, and we’re left perpetually chasing our tail. Sometimes it is ability that holds us back, sometimes it is a deficit in skill sets, but often it’s good old-fashioned inertia.

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What’s cooking? External website

by Greg Taylor, 20/10/2014

Half an onion, the scraps of yesterday’s roast, a couple of green beans and a jar of mayonnaise. What on earth are we going to have for dinner?

The contents of a mid-week fridge can lead anyone to despair (and a take-away). But now, Hellmann’s Brazil and a team of professional chefs are here to help.

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G&T A&E External website

by Greg Taylor, 17/10/2014

It’s that time of day again. The clock’s just struck five (or three. Or midday. Or ten in the morning.) You’ve had a hell of a week. And all you can think about is an ice-cold, citrusy gin and tonic.

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Six vital ad:tech themes for 2015 External website

by Neil Higgins, 24/10/2014


Are you singular or plural? External website

by Rachel Brushfield, 24/10/2014


Espresso yourself External website

by Greg Taylor, 23/10/2014


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