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PROMOTIONAL FEATURE: If you are a digital marketer who wants to do the very best for your brand and online marketing, then you need Digital Bytes. These essays offer a one stop-shop for cutting edge thinking and ideas on digital marketing.

Real Time Bidding: What does it mean for Premium Publishers?

Whilst real time bidding has created a significant step-change in the technology used for adserving and is proving to unlock significantly more revenue for publishers, it does not eliminate all of the issues that premium publishers have been grapplin...


Fitting First Words: 10 Tips for Effective "From" Names and Subject Lines

The first scene from a movie, the first notes of a song, the first words in a book--all set the tone and can encourage you to keep watching, listening and reading.


FACT: Multi-channel customers are more profitable!

Best-in-class companies, such as Travelocity, which acquired in 2005, are maximising their multi-channel marketing efforts and are seeing their customers spending 30% to 50% more than their single-channel counterparts*.


So You Think You "Do" Brand Monitoring?

Google Alerts has featured prominently in top ten (or top 36) lists across the internet as an effective tool for a brands' online monitoring efforts.


Evolution of Marketing

Once, marketing was confined to a few well understood vehicles, such as advertising, direct mail and public relations, where creativity was key. But this universe where marketing was considered more of an art than a science is long gone, giving way ...


Your mobile, the high street and the internet

M-Commerce is live and kicking


How To: Track Your Brand Across Language Barriers

Brandwatch is in a unique position in the social media monitoring space. Many of our clients run social media strategy for pan-European accounts - making it essential to track their brands across many different languages. Here are a list of six point...


Retargeting - it's time to get personal with your customers

Attention spans are shrinking. As millions of websites soon become billions, it becomes more and more difficult to hold the interests of online shoppers. Increasing competition has resulted in consumers visiting multiple sites before purchasing, no...


Has online retail become more about price than information?

Can you remember a world before Amazon? Remember the days when you had to physically go shopping to find the cheapest shop, or traipse up and down your local high street, restricted by the availability of local pricing.


Post-Purchase Emails - Bringing Customers Back for More

For online retailers, marketing efforts are almost solely tied to one incredibly important moment - the purchase. Once shoppers take that desired step, important, triggered emails such as purchase confirmations and shipping updates usually follow. Th...


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