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Trends Plus Event 2012

04 December 2012 to 04 December 2012
Brand Republic

A forum for ideas, creativity & a sprinkling of blue-sky thinking

2nd Annual One-Day Event, 4 December 2012, London

Click here to book your place early and save up to £150!

How is consumer behaviour changing?

There are 1000s of influencing factors that are shaping tomorrow's consumer trends everyday - some small, some big, some that will never last and some that are here to stay. This event will give you a unique opportunity to explore and gain a 360° view on a well-balanced blend of trends and ideas that are actively shaping your future consumers. With heaps of forward thinking and a wealth of visionary ideas, you are bound to leave this event in-the-know and inspired!

How are changing views & perceptions of government, policy-making, citizenship affecting consumer habits & expectations?

Financial booms and economic dips, the definition of value, cost, the market and demand - how will this affect the depth of your consumer's pockets?

Increased social consciousness, self-awareness, global population size and a new world order - how are societal changes influencing the future consumer?

Gaming, mobile, social networking and the next big thing around the corner - how will they impact your audience, your business, your role?

What's in it for you?

Game-changing ideas, visions, concepts, memes and those eureka moments that have the potential to propel the effectiveness of your marketing and business activity.  Just one idea could trigger that essential next strategic move or provoke the thought that matters.
New date announced for 2012!

Remember to book your place early and save up to £150!

Contact: Camilla Brice,

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