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CIPR: Social Media Evening - Measurement and Evaluation

31 January 2013 to 31 January 2013

Do you know how and which ways are best to measure and evaluate? Awards season is coming up, so if you are thinking of entering CIPR Excellence, PRide or any other public relations awards this is the perfect session to come to. It will give you ideas on what the judges might be looking for when it comes to the measurement and evaluation section in your entry.

Social media appears to be a measurement fanatic's dream: you have a form of communication that appears easy to monitor and, via the digital breadcrumb trail that it leaves, easy to measure. However, not all is as it seems. The rise of software vendors automating vast swathes of content analysis into a one-size-fits-all platform leaves the public relations industry facing very real problems. What should you do? Measure what is easy to capture but largely irrelevant, or focus on measuring what matters? And if so, how best to do that? In this session, Richard will be your guide in the quest to help you make the most out of data-driven public relations.

52-53 Russell Square
London, WC1B 4HP

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