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Crisis communications overcome fears of bad baby formula

CASE STUDY: How Danone Nutricia and Weber Shandwick managed a botulism scare falsely implicating the brand's infant formula products.


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Pitch rehearsals in the dark

Men may have outnumbered women on stage by some margin at the Marketing Society conference that closed 2014, but the women who did feature were amazing. Kirsty Wark chaired the day with charm. Carolyn McCall never disappoints. She's always grea...


Tesco/BBH: the ultimate examination of advertising

When Dave Lewis, the chief executive of Tesco, first met Neil Munn, the group chief executive of Bartle Bogle Hegarty, to talk about the troubled retailer s ad account, they were too engrossed in their conversation to realise that there was a fire in...


Tech viewpoint on TV and programmatic

The question "Has the time come for programmatic to play a vital role in the delivery of TV ads?" is increasingly on the lips of those in the ad industry. It s being driven by new solutions using improved data and technology entering the marketplace,...


Global viewpoint from New York

In the frenetic world of US advertising, the pace is always accelerating. Even traditional respites from the rat race such as the yoga studio are succumbing to the pressure to do more, faster. In both realms, the tradition and art form are slowly bei...


On the Campaign couch

Sometimes, particularly at the start of a new year, I look back at readers questions that, for some reason, I didn t answer when they first arrived. My most common reason for failing to come up with an answer is because I couldn t think of one and d...


Good manners still matter in adland relationships

When the news broke last week that Bartle Bogle Hegarty was parting company with Waitrose (adspend: 25 million) to take on Tesco (adspend: 110 million), someone sent me an old quote by David Abbott. When faced with a similar choice dump one clien...


Now and then

People often talk about how much advertising has changed - but in what way? Did all admen have drinking issues back then, and can everyone be film-makers now? Laura Jordan Bambach and Andrew Cracknell discuss.


Walker's Dixons victory leaves Group M seething

For Sir Martin Sorrell's market-leading media collective, Group M, to lose one seismic multimillion-pound-spending client is unfortunate, but to lose two in quick succession is unacceptable - at least for him.


The future is where data, content and tech collide

Reading through all the trend content out of the Consumer Electronics Show, what strikes me about 2015 predictions is how much focus is being placed on the technology - the actual hardware - rather than the data or insight driving the development of ...


Women in Tech: lifting the glass ceiling in EC1

In EC1, it is not unusual to find women in leading roles within the most high-flying international tech companies. We caught up with three of them, to find out what they think about the existing opportunities for women in the tech industry and in EC1...


The pursuit of best-practice utopia must go on

So, we re halfway through January already and I ve got two things to feel cheered by as 2015 gets under way. First of all, the results of the latest IPA Bellwether Report just out, revealing a continuation of growth in marketing spend. Second,...


On the Campaign couch

Accepting the idea that everyone has the potential to be creative, can we also stress there are certain processes and expertise that are necessary for successful implementation this is not as easy as it looks, is it? I don t want to sound too ha...


Tech viewpoint on the news feed

Eight seconds. That s what research suggests is the average human attention span. Human attention has been compromised thanks to always-on social platforms, a proliferation of screens and the broader availability of Wi-Fi and 3G/4G access. Nowhere ...


Global viewpoint from Brazil

2014 was a year of learning in Brazil. And football the best eye-opener for communication. Brazilian football has always been admired for its joga bonito . In the past, it didn t matter if players smoked, drank or partied before matches; their ski...


Adland must be first stop on political campaign trail

After years of hiding behind the irrefutable truth of news, the time has come for me to voice my own opinion in these pages. And what better way to begin that journey than in the top slot, while Claire Beale continues Campaign s assault on the US. ...


We need more innovations and fewer Thomassons

Have you see any Thomassons recently?


World's media consumed by terror at start of 2015

There's no way of avoiding it: this has been a terrible start to 2015. All the best intentions and ambitions aired at the start of the new year paled into insignificance as the horrific events started to unfold in France last week.


New Year's resolutions

From taking reading advice from Facebook's founder to getting some luck to saving up for an early retirement, seven industry players tell Campaign what goals they have set themselves in the year ahead.


After the gold rush: Life beyond Facebook

What's a brand marketer to do in a post-social era? AnalogFolk's strategy director takes stock for Campaign US.


The alternative to shock tactics in charity marketing

It was a terrible consequence of world events that the ever-present background buzz from charity advertisers was turned into a din last year.


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