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What are the key points to keep in mind when considering a celeb partnership?

The strongest partnerships drive positive impact not only for the brand, but also for the celebrity.


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How cultural history has paved the way for start-up culture

To the EC1 hub In Shakespearian times a start-up was a person who had risen to prosperity and power: "That young start-up hath all the glory of my overthrow" (Don Jon, Much Ado About Nothing, 1.3). In the 1970s, it re-surfaced as a business-...


There are no shortcuts to advertising excellence

We were surprised at the timing of the independent ISBA review of the agency community, and wonder if it helps or hinders the dialogue we are already engaged in. It has been no secret that we have spent the past 18 months inclusively debating how c...


On the Campaign couch

Andrew Ingram writes: In a recent writing workshop, we were discussing the front-page content of a PR company s website. It was about 200 words long and rather vague, talking about outcomes, delivering change, 360-degree reputation management and 24...


Global viewpoint from Hong Kong

Once home to fishermen and farmers, modern Hong Kong is a teeming, commercially vibrant metropolis where Chinese and Western influences fuse. It is a small place and the people are very sensitive to new trends. In the past decade, Hong Kong has had t...


Technology cannot win the battle for hearts and minds

I was struck by a comment on Radio 4's Hidden Histories Of The Information Age: "The weakness of modern strategy is that it is too reliant on technology - the triumph of accuracy of outputs with no impact on outcomes."


As the business changes, know what you stand for

Waking up to Bob Geldof asking for money, again, has made me a tad nostalgic this week, and highlighted the power that comes from having a clear mission.


YouTube generation: brand with care

2014 was the year that YouTube creators invaded the public consciousness. Over the next three pages, we see how brands are utilising these stars.


Agency rivalries and one big Omnicom superstore

There are only two things most agencies want to talk about at the moment.


Tech viewpoint on UX versus marketing

More than three-quarters of agencies identify user experience as the biggest shortfall client-side. One explanation is that UX is still evolving. Another is that UX and marketing have fundamental values directly opposed to one another. The primary ...


Tech viewpoint on mobile post-production

Marketing is in a golden age of content creation. Apps are smarter, devices are more powerful and people have unlocked their dormant storytelling capabilities through a world littered with creative platforms. We re moving into the era of polished c...


Global viewpoint from Singapore

A major global commercial hub, Singapore is at the forefront of technological innovation yet steeped in a history of conservatism, presenting an interesting dichotomy for media strategy. Having attributed the country s financial success over the pa...


On the Campaign couch

At the recent Account Planning Group conference, one of the speakers said agencies should improve their clients products rather than spend their time trying to differentiate parity products to consumers. Is this the end of marketing as we know it? ...


Not doing evil doesn't mean we can't have some fun

When I was growing up, my grandmother once said to me: "Helen, don t be a goody two-shoes in life be a goody one-shoe." What she meant was: try to do the right thing, but don t strive to be so perfect that you become uptight, humourless and dull. ...


Why marketers get the agencies they deserve

This time last year, I was editing Campaign's sister brand Marketing and we did a little private survey of what clients thought of their agencies.


'And the logo was still too small'

ISBA has combined its contacts with the Advertising Research Consortium's survey skills to find out what clients really think about their agencies. Campaign offers some nuggets from the report with the help of ISBA's Debbie Morrison.


Global and local share top billing in the ideal structure

There are no ideal global company structures, but we are seeing some interesting experiments and changes under way.


The media story behind the festive magic of Monty

Who would have thought we'd all be talking about the arrival of a flightless bird native to Antarctica in the run-up to Christmas 2014?


Diversity Needs A Purpose

Fairness and equality alone are not compelling enough reasons to make agencies more diverse, argues Zaid Al-Zaidy, McCann London's chief executive.


On the Campaign couch

I run a small but perfectly formed agency where we pride ourselves on our relationship with our clients. I am under pressure from backers to grow our client roster and have been invited to work for a small but growing political party whose view of th...


Global viewpoint from Moscow

What started off as the year of the Sochi Winter Olympics, an important year for Russia, is closing as the year of uncertainty about the future. No expert can accurately predict the consequences of rivalry between Russia and its largest foreign inves...


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