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The tech industry is in danger of becoming more remote than ever

I'm not quite sure why anyone is surprised at the tone and breadth of criticism of technology companies outlined in The Financial Times this week.


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Global viewpoint from the US

The emergence of millennials will soon redefine and reshape the American workforce. Here in the US, millennials will become the majority of the workforce by 2015 and, by 2030, this hyper-connected, tech-savvy generation will account for 75 per cent o...


Not a lemon in the bunch

Volkswagen's 'lemon' and 'think small' posters are so seminal, they overshadow many other fine ads for the car manufacturer. So Campaign asked Alfredo Marcantonio and John O'Driscoll, two of the authors of the recently updated Remember Those Great Vo...


Adland's quest to reclaim content from factory lines

I've spent an awful lot of time this past week talking to writers in the US. It's been one of the most thoroughly depressing things I've done in a long time.


Slogans are not enough

Ian Katz, the editor of Newsnight , wrote recently about an impasse in journalism, suggesting a deal to allow politicians to get their point across in traditional media and be less defensive. As the general election approaches, I think politicia...


Time has come for the quiet shops to start shouting

Slightly subtler than one of Julian Fellowes' clunky plot twists, the narrative of two of the more interesting start-ups of recent years has changed with the news that both Joint and Lucky Generals had won a place on the Amazon ad roster - with the f...


The loss of the Govt media buying business is sure to be queried by Sorrell

Few would have predicted it - and, be assured, some are still contesting it - but Sir Martin Sorrell's M4C has all but lost the Government's media buying business. This begs the question: how?


Global viewpoint from Dubai

I should confess that I arrived in Dubai just a few months ago. But, from the moment you arrive, you sense Dubai is a city where entrepreneurs rule and anyone with a vision (and deep pockets) can make things happen. Everything in Dubai is big. From t...


Tech viewpoint on the iPhone 6

If you were not ready to join the tech crowd camping out outside the Apple Store for the iPhone 6 launch this week, here is a look at what it could offer advertisers across the paid, owned and earned spectrum.


On the Campaign couch

I m a creative but I d like to run my own agency one day. Should I switch and become an account man for a few years to be taken seriously? Thank you. What a fascinating question. It contains so many questionable assumptions, many of them internall...


On the Campaign couch

We ve just won a large US client. Should I hire some Yank account handlers to make sure they feel well-looked-after and understood, or do you think they ll appreciate our old-world ways? Since American advertising agencies seriously started coloni...


JWT: lessons from the Commodore

As JWT celebrates its 150th birthday, Bob Jeffrey takes a look at the agency's story, from its birth as the first advertising company to some well-known alumni to its long-lasting partnerships with global companies.


Kwik Fit laughs in the face of its 'band' positioning

There s a moment of unintentional humour in the Kwik Fit advertising tender document that prompts a snort of derision. While the process the company is suggesting to hire a new agency partner is far from funny, the name of the proposed brand campaign...


Global viewpoint from Tokyo

Floods, radiation leaks and a weak yen still cannot stop Japan s advertising industry from continuing to grow. As a nation, Japan has had its fair share of crises to deal with over the past few years. It is testament to the strength of its people t...


JWT proves that edgy isn't always the right approach

It's nearly ten years since J Walter Thompson became JWT and tried to reinvent itself through the pages of an in-house book called Hold My Skateboard While I Kiss Your Girlfriend.


You won't win awards or beat Romans by relying solely on the aesthetics

In 1946, Bedouin shepherds stumbled on a huge archaeological discovery. The findings provide a useful reminder as we enter the serious end of the media awards-judging season.


The implications of our rush to embrace data and tech are finally emerging

What would happen, I wonder, if we played a version of Mr And Mrs, asking a senior client and their senior agency media director to define some of the new jargon surrounding digital advertising... with no conferring. Programmatic buying, native adver...


Tech viewpoint on DMEXCO 2014

Move over London, New York and San Francisco: the largest media event in the world is not happening in the usual hotspots it s taking place in Germany later this month. The media, marketing and technology worlds will converge in Cologne for what is...


Global viewpoint from Sydney

You probably think Australian ad people walk around their agencies wearing board shorts and sandals the whole time. Ha! Of course we don t. That would be foolish. There are more than 2,000 species of spider in this country, many of which are venomous...


On the Campaign couch

Dear Jeremy, my agency needs a new executive creative director. We want a top-caliber person, but don t have the money to outbid other agencies. How else can we woo them? Start by learning how to spell "calibre". No exceptional ECD is going to fin...


Is adland the last bastion of mental-health stigma?

Last week, my teenage daughter casually informed me that the megastar beauty vlogger Zoe Sugg (Zoella to her 5.6 million followers) ran a Q A on her YouTube channel about her personal experience of panic attacks. This is big news and all the more poi...


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