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Newsmaker: Rudolf Ramsauer, Nestlé

A background in politics has inspired Nestlé's SVP, corporate comms director to focus the food and beverage company's PR efforts on key stakeholder engagement.


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Tech viewpoint on beacon-hacking

Picture the scene. You re walking down the wine aisle in Sainsbury s and stop in front of your favourite Chardonnay. Suddenly, your phone goes nuts. It s Asda, two doors down, excitedly telling you it has a two-for-one offer on all Chardonnay, so com...


Global viewpoint from Singapore

I am writing this on a plane from Taipei to Singapore. I am not trying to make you jealous; as any frequent business traveller will say, it is not as glamorous as it sounds. I am telling you this because when I land in Singapore in a couple of hour...


Jake Scott: Like father, like son

He is from one of the pre-eminent directing bloodlines and a talented film-maker in his own right, with two of 2014's biggest ads to his name. But even that's not enough to open doors in the UK commercials business, Jake Scott tells James Swift.


A UK ad revival? Well, the clients appear to think so

Is London once again a regional centre of creative excellence? It's an optimistic (and therefore attractive enough) theory that was put to me by one buoyant agency chief executive recently.


You don't need a filter to see the opportunities that lie beneath Instagram

Imagine launching a media network in the UK using only images, and with no indication about how much it costs to advertise or how many people you can reach. Welcome to the age of Instagram. The international roll-out of an ad service on Facebook s ...


Powerful reminders of why greatness is worth a fight

When the director Ringan Ledwidge stood up at a Now event last week and talked about the need (the absolute requirement, even) to fight (literally, perhaps) for great ideas, he hardly had to convince his creative agency audience.


One strategy is all we need

How many strategists does it take to create a campaign? Just the one. No joke.


'Growth-hacking' is not just a buzzword - it affects how advertising works

You can always spot strands of the future whenever 6,000-plus entrepreneurs, tech investors, digital marketers and various other geeks gather to swap war stories and business cards. DLD Tel Aviv that s "Digital, Life, Design" offers glimpses of...


On the Campaign couch

Someone we recently employed missed his train on his way back from his first client presentation and was going to be late back to the agency. This is normally not a problem. However, alarm bells started to ring when he then said he was going to fill ...


Sometimes collaboration, not innovation, can be the key to winning campaigns

Media Week Awards entries used to be awash with companies claiming "media firsts"...


It's still the work, the work, the work for Robertson

The BBDO worldwide chief executive has long seemed destined for even greater things, Claire Beale writes. Yet, after ten years at the helm, Andrew Robertson still sounds like a man consumed by the job at hand.


On the Campaign couch

Understandably, advertisers want to know as much information about people as possible to help target ads. But, in this brave new digital world, that demand is leading to a massive invasion of people s privacy by companies chasing advertising revenue....


Forget the Publicis hubris - what matters is the people

The lines of this week's Publicis Groupe press statement announcing some structural fiddling are too close together to read much between them.


Voters could decide the fate of Scottish advertising

In case you've been living on the moon for the past six months or so, today marks the day when 5.3 million Scots will decide the fortune of the 300-year-old union - something that millions more of the Scottish diaspora have been denied.


Technology has improved our processes, but what about the killer insights?

There are waves of change all around us. The onslaught of new channels, techniques and platforms is overwhelming, and the need for greater technology engagement is no longer an option. It has certainly helped improve marketing returns during a recess...


Why have mutual respect when you can have mutual disrespect?

"We often hate each other, but it's the kind of hatred like flint and steel the sparks that come out of it make it worth the while" Penn on his magic partner, Teller. One of the hardest-fought categories in the Media Week Awards judging was Lar...


Tech viewpoint on invisible technology

We've been working with technology inside the advertising arena for donkey's years, leading to some amazing work. We're fascinated by anything that's new and shiny, and we're constantly looking out for that next new "thing" to jump on and use on an i...


Global viewpoint from the US

The emergence of millennials will soon redefine and reshape the American workforce. Here in the US, millennials will become the majority of the workforce by 2015 and, by 2030, this hyper-connected, tech-savvy generation will account for 75 per cent o...


Not a lemon in the bunch

Volkswagen's 'lemon' and 'think small' posters are so seminal, they overshadow many other fine ads for the car manufacturer. So Campaign asked Alfredo Marcantonio and John O'Driscoll, two of the authors of the recently updated Remember Those Great Vo...


Adland's quest to reclaim content from factory lines

I've spent an awful lot of time this past week talking to writers in the US. It's been one of the most thoroughly depressing things I've done in a long time.


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