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Operators prepare for quad-play showdown

As the UK telecommunications market consolidates, quad-play has become the new battleground, David Benady writes.


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Does the buck stop with the marketer?

Who should take the rap when a company hits the skids? Does the buck stop in the boardroom or the marketing department? The issue has been brought into focus by the ongoing turmoil in the supermarket sector, where the relentless march of the discou...


No 119: Arthur Nielsen's Audimeter

They have always been known as "the ratings" or just "the Nielsens", and they are the time-honoured yardstick that measures a TV show s pulling power over audiences and advertisers in the US. And no other piece of technology can claim such a pionee...


Lenka Tanner, head coach, AquaStars

Tell us about the project. I received an e-mail out of the blue from the agency, which was looking for freedivers or synchronised swimmers. I thought it sounded like an exciting opportunity. The whole experience has been such a whirlwind and, althou...


Gunn Report 2014

If it was a successful year for UK creativity in 2014, it was an epic one for Jean-Claude Van Damme and his entourage, Donald Gunn writes.


Freeman ushers in new era at Bloomberg

Arif Durrani meets the man who is helping the ambitious media company branch out of its financial heartland and into the mainstream through the launch of Bloomberg Business.


Does the Outdoor Media Centre have a future?

The trade body is without a CEO and now one of its highest-profile members. Will it survive, Gurjit Degun asks.


Back to the start-up

The number of start-up agencies in London creating irreverent work and worrying network rivals seems to be at an all-time low. Campaign asked some seasoned adlanders, some of whom have already been there and done it, how they would go about starting ...


Goodstuff's GoodStart

Goodstuff Communications has started the year with an outpouring of goodwill, launching a service for would-be media agency start-ups. GoodStart will offer the chance to share learnings while providing financial support, office space and other servic...


A Davos virgin reflects...

Lindsay Pattison shares lessons from attending the World Economic Forum's annual gathering for the first time.


Is there still life in crowdsourcing?

Having gatecrashed adland s party, crowdsourcing continues to defy agencies that would prefer it to leave before it downs too much of their food and drink. Doritos is among the major brands that draw on a passionate labour pool. So much so that it ...


Redican looks beyond the National Readership Survey

The NRS may be on borrowed time, but its chief executive is hoping to devise a new measurement system fit for the multimedia world. By David Benady.


Taking high fashion from the catwalk to the web

Havas Media's new luxury arm will help brands connect with their digital-first customers of tomorrow. By David Benady.


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