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Sharing on the web: it's an emotional business

The latest Wave survey from UM suggests why brands are still struggling to make content viral.


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Bringing it all back home

Brands are taking more control of their interconnected campaigns and dispensing with the 'lead agency' concept. Is this a better way to make great marcoms or creating a dangerous vacuum, Meg Carter asks


Bringing it all back home

Brands are taking greater control of their interconnected campaigns, dispensing with the 'lead agency' idea, but is this really a better way to create great marcomms, or is it simply creating a dangerous vacuum? By Meg Carter


ZenithOptimedia takes on '365' user approach

The media agency is putting its faith in a user-experience focus after a two-year rollercoaster ride, Ed Owen reports.


Remco Graham and Richard Holmes, creative directors, Mcgarrybowen

Tell us about the project. We re helping school kids grow their very first moustache out of grass. The project is called "Grovember" and is something we re doing with our Miracle-Gro client in support of the charity. Schools have often got involved...


Ruhanen vows to bring disruption back to TBWA

In a crowded market and after years of drifting, TBWA had lost its edge. Now, its new president and chief executive wants to simplify everything and reclaim the 'disruption' philosophy that the creative network is known for, Claire Beale writes.


Slade shifts focus to put customers first at the FT

The managing director of the FT's B2C division will be sad to leave the sales world behind, David Benady writes.


No more winters of discontent for Cristofoli

After overhauling Debenhams' marketing operations, Richard Cristofoli is expecting a merrier Christmas, John Tylee writes.


Taking great care over the Great War

Sainsbury's Christmas ad campaign demanded a production with sensitivity and authenticity, Tim Riley writes.


Things we like: The Times in Homeland

Anyone watching Homeland on Channel 4 last Sunday would have noticed a poignant ad break takeover from News UK. The second break of the US political thriller showed a three-minute spot documenting the kidnapping and escape of two Times journalist...


History of advertising: No 115: George Gallup's ad research department

George Gallup s name is so firmly linked with the poll that bears his name that it s easy to forget how many of his pioneering research methods still used by admen today were evolved some 80 years ago in Young Rubicam s research department. G...


Staff costs and slow growth hit agencies

Agency employment costs are the biggest threat to operating profit margins, the latest Kingston Smith W1 survey reveals.By Ian Graham.


Will Facebook at Work appeal to brands?

The social giant is moving into LinkedIn territory with a professional network. But will it work, David Benady asks.


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