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Talking about my generation

The over-50s are a fast-growing demographic controlling four-fifths of the UK's disposable wealth. So why do advertisers continue to ignore them, Stefano Hatfield asks.


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ABCs hint at consolidation ahead for women's titles

Although the overall sector performed poorly, the traditional, more upmarket magazines are faring well. By Jane Wolfson.


Are shops adapting quickly to digital?

Feeling tired? It s probably because you are spending more time using your tech devices than sleeping. At least that s what a survey from Ofcom suggests. It found that adults spend an average of eight hours and 41 minutes a day texting, talking, typi...


History Of Advertising: No 109: The government's Aids campaign

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Why We're Loving: Zach Lieberman, artist

What did you create for the show? Play the World is essentially an instrument where, when you press a note, it finds that note in a radio station from around the world. It sounds musical but also a bit cacophonous, as if you are tuning the radio, an...


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Jones brings refreshing perspective to Hearst UK

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Going from adland to neverland

James Swift meets five adlanders (The Famous Five, if you will) who have swapped one type of scamp for another by fulfilling their dream of writing children's books.


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