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Taking high fashion from the catwalk to the web

Havas Media's new luxury arm will help brands connect with their digital-first customers of tomorrow. By David Benady.


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Is there still life in crowdsourcing?

Having gatecrashed adland s party, crowdsourcing continues to defy agencies that would prefer it to leave before it downs too much of their food and drink. Doritos is among the major brands that draw on a passionate labour pool. So much so that it ...


Redican looks beyond the National Readership Survey

The NRS may be on borrowed time, but its chief executive is hoping to devise a new measurement system fit for the multimedia world. By David Benady.


Lonely at the top

Too many agency chiefs jeopardise their mental well-being for fear of being seen as weak. This must stop, Scott Knox writes.


McVitie's hits 'sweeet' spot under Heynen

The United Biscuits marketing director has big plans - and investment - to turn around McVitie's, starting with a bunch of furry animals, John Tylee writes.


Now and then

People often talk about how much advertising has changed - but in what way? Did all admen have drinking issues back then, and can everyone be film-makers now? Laura Jordan Bambach and Andrew Cracknell discuss.


Why we're loving: Natalie Price, creative production assistant, TMW

Tell us about your idea. Currently, there are 850,000 people in the UK suffering from dementia, and this number is set to soar over the next 20 years. There are many side effects associated with dementia, two of which are memory loss and wandering ...


How to be... a chief strategy officer

Planning is about people, not writing a famous blog or endless Tweeting, Lucy Jameson says.


Are media owners now more attractive than media shops?

What are the things that media owners offer that are tempting more agency executives to cross over to the other side, Arif Durrani and David Benady ask.


History of advertising: No 118: Nike's 'Just do it' tagline

Nike s "Just do it" is arguably the best tagline of the 20th century. It cut across age and class barriers, linked Nike with success and made consumers believe they could be successful too just by wearing its products. Like all great taglines, it...


BBH rebooted

After a year of change, the agency has emerged with a new management team and a new way of working. But does it still have the magic touch? By James Swift.


No 117: I Love Lucy's first episode

On 15 October 1951, a dizzy redheaded housewife with a habit of landing herself in trouble began convincing advertisers for the first time of TV s emerging power to connect them with millions of consumers. The redhead in question was Lucille Ball, ...


Your data for a life of luxury

By making the best use of our data, brands can offer us the kind of personal service once only the rich could afford. Matthew Heath explains how revealing bits about ourselves can work to our advantage.


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