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Arif Durrani, editor, Media Week


The loss of the Govt media buying business is sure to be queried by Sorrell

Few would have predicted it - and, be assured, some are still contesting it - but Sir Martin Sorrell's M4C has all but lost the Government's media buying business. This begs the question: how?


You're not normal, nor is the person you sit next to - and as for your boss...

You're not normal. It's something that is all too easy to forget - I do it myself on a regular basis. In a step-change from drinking and dining with media's finest, I was out with the "dads from school" last week.


Take a lead from Carat and recharge your batteries over the summer holidays

School's out for the summer - and so too, for once, is the sunshine. As teachers across the country pick themselves up and begin the healing process, spurred on no doubt by the promise that Michael Gove will not be returning to class in September, th...


News brands are keen to set the agenda, but it is a time for collaboration

"The NRS in its current form no longer serves newspaper needs." Not my words but those of Bob Hulks, the ex-independent chairman of the Newspaper Publishers Association Review Group, speaking at the Media Research Group conference back in 1998.


Pemsel's mission to bring back The Guardian's mojo is showing some success

There is one hell of a swagger around The Guardian's Kings Place this week, and it belongs, of course, to David Pemsel.


The new normal is now upon us, and the Financial Times is feeling confident

Take a look around you. For the first time in more than five years, this is the new normal for businesses in the UK.


How the excitement of a child won hearts and minds for media on the Croisette

Once again, this year's pulsating Cannes Lions festival defied any single definition. Many worlds collided along the Croisette, as tech meshed with celebrity, salesmen with creative and producers with data-crunchers.


As the World Cup shows, you don't have to root in the archives for TV gold

Do you remember the glory days of television, when advertisers could reach more than 15 million people in just one sitting? Well, those days are far from over, if World Cup trends play out as hoped.


We know that Britain loves radio, but it is winning the affections of brands too

Television is not the only traditional medium to have had a strong start to 2014. New figures this week confirm what many in the business have been alluding to for some time: radio is enjoying a renaissance.


Content: now everyone's talking about it, but what does it actually mean?

There is a reason why Eskimos have 100 different words for snow. Right now, the media industry can learn a lot from this.


Magazine publishers will be hoping the future is bright with Project Orange

It is hoped that this week's annual get-together of the magazine industry will be nothing short of revolutionary. More than 500 media executives are expected at the PPA's Reinvented event: a name designed to convey the change that has already taken p...


Whether viewing, reading or surfing, Britain's media addicts can't get enough

There was a fantastic amount of tub-thumping going on at Media360 last week, with many clearly feeling reinvigorated amid what Claire Enders dubbed our "wonderful economic revival".


Desmond proves TV still offers rich returns for the few remaining risk-takers

Last week's sale of Channel 5 to Viacom for £450 million represents a fantastic return for Northern & Shell's owner, Richard Desmond, who acquired the broadcaster for £103.5 million four years earlier.


Twitter's strategic hire is a reminder of the constant evolution in media land

This week's column was inspired by Nigel Clarkson, the former outdoor trailblazer now leading the mobile ad space as the commercial director of Weve.


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