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Arif Durrani

Sorrell sparks a rare talk about the benefits of a more diverse workforce

Something unexpected happened at Newsworks Shift event last week. And it was not the news that John Lewis spends twice as much on press ads than it does on TV. Nor was it when James Murphy revealed the retailer was using "geo-climatic targeted ban...


Nuts will soon be taken off the shelves but is already well past its sell-by date

Cast your mind back to January 2004. It was raining. Franz Ferdinand's Take Me Out was blasting from the radio, fears were mounting that Athens would not be ready in time for the summer Olympics and a new era for British magazines was heralded with t...


Adland's Maths Men take centre stage, but success does not always add up

Some of you may have noticed: Advertising Week Europe has just hit London town. The four-day industry event bristled with energy and was far better organised in its second year - although still absolute chaos, of course.


Cast aside your cynicism and admire the audacity of Evgeny Lebedev's aim

We're in the final countdown to the launch of London Live, and I'm unashamedly banging the drum.


Twitter's potential is just beginning to be realised as a way to tap into our lives

What do you think is the peak time for jogging in the UK? Saturday morning, perhaps, when people have more personal time. Maybe Sunday afternoons?


MEC's decision to appoint co-CEOs suggests a safe choice, but is it inspired?

I recently asked an Omnicom leader: if they could work at any other agency, which would they pick? "One of the more progressive ones," I was told. "One that is culture-based and stands for something." Interestingly, the only agency cited outside of t...


The Brits' successful flop highlights the complex social media landscape

In a week dominated by Facebook's staggering acquisition of WhatsApp, and the clash of tech and mobile developments at the Mobile World Congress, social and mobile are top of mind.


In an age of shifting sands, Guardian still knows the value of a good rebrand

The evolution of the media market is again top of mind this week, as the boardroom dynamo Anna Watkins returns to the spotlight in her new role at Guardian Labs. Lightning quick, personable and full of passion, Initiative's loss definitely feels like...


Great media companies have different strengths, but one common trait

If you could work for any media company in the UK, which one would you choose? It's a loaded question, revealing perceptions of an organisation's heritage, culture and future growth prospects.


Native ads represent an exciting new opportunity for savvy media agencies

Before Christmas, Mail Online, the world's biggest newspaper site, quietly began experimenting with native advertising. Its initial trial was with Marks & Spencer, but the publisher has been tight-lipped about the details.


The humble bus remains one of the best ways to reach an urban audience

Forget the Year of the Horse - London's mayor, Boris Johnson, this week declared 2014 to be the "Year of the Bus" in the capital. A clear threat in the glamour stakes to Rio's World Cup.


Let's hope the govt media review is less political - it's a matter of life and death

Deep breath - here we go again. The Government is in the precursory stages of the statutory review for its media buying requirements. Much has changed since the consolidation of its departmental ad budgets into Group M's purpose-built M4C in 2010.


Strap yourself in, press industry: this year is going to be one hell of a ride

And we're off, soon to be galloping into the Year of the Horse. Welcome to 2014. It's expected to be a tempestuous 12 months by all accounts, and the opening few days have lived up to the billing.


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