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Why quitting your job and skipping the country can increase your value

Leaving your desk job is never easy, but if taking a sabbatical to work with an NGO in a foreign country means you come back a fresher, stronger marketer, then nothing should hold you back from the experience, writes Sarah Walker.


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Why corporate venturing heralds a new approach to innovation

Harnessing gazelles? Realising innovation through corporate venturing. By Dr Gary Dushnitsky, associate professor of strategy and entrepreneurship at London Business School.


Course Deconstruct: MSc in Advanced Marketing Management, Lancaster University Management School

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Everyone benefits from high standards

The end of the year is an important time for all of us, of course, but for hundreds of marketing professionals there is an added reason to be cheerful.


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How I got here: James Rouse

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Breathing is my secret work weapon

Carol Baubock, global brand and corporate marketing director, Bupa, believes that taking a deep breath can help you stabilise and refocus.


April Redmond's secret work weapon? Travel

There is no substitute for going to see things for yourself, writes April Redmond, chief marketing officer at Kerry Foods.


Syl Saller secret work weapon? Value your family life

Syl Saller, chief marketing officer at Diageo, gains vital perspective from her family's groundedness.


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