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The magazine of the eponymous society has been the cornerstone of its expansion into TV, movies and digital.


Long a staple of doctors' waiting rooms, the yellow-bordered National Geographic magazine is the most visible representation of the National Geographic Society, one of the biggest non-profit scientific and educational institutions. Read more





The Nestle-owned coffee brand has carved a premium proposition that feeds consumers' lifestyle aspirations.


The inexorable rise of the premium-coffee market in the past 10 years has created such a demand for espressos, skinny lattes and flat whites, that a coffee shop has sprung up on almost every street corner. Read more

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The manufacturer's combination of functionality and aesthetics has won over generations of farmers.


It might seem that there are few areas less likely to be troubled by the vagaries of design than agricultural equipment. However, a survey of US farmers in 2010 found that 62% considered themselves brand-loyal.

Read more

Leon  fortnum and Mason Vlisco American Express

Winsor and Newton

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Andy Knowles, chairman, JKR, on Ricard:


 "Above all, perhaps Ricard serves to remind us that in design, the best ideas are often simple.

"Universal availability and eye-catching point of sale might be Marketing 101, but they are first principles for commercial success."


Silas Amos, creative strategist, JKR, on Toms:


"Toms has a good design that does good, and makes us feel good by doing it."



James Joice, client director, JKR, on Yorkshire Tea:


"Yorkshire Tea's pastoral packaging captures our idealistic image of England. The 'green and pleasant land' of William Blake's Jerusalem and where Danny Boyle transported us at the start of his London 2012 opening ceremony."







Read more about our champions of design, including Chupa Chups, Perrier, Monocle and Paul Smith. Download the book here.


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