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Claire Beale, editor, Campaign


Can Dare finally recapture the spirit of its success?

Like quite a lot of people much smarter than me, I completely screwed up over Dare.


Post-POG, the mega-deal spotlight shifts over to IPG

Well, that's it.


From start-up to corporate beast: the task facing Lund

I had lunch the other day with a former big-agency CEO who went off and did a start-up a couple of years ago.


Can the creative/media schism ever be fixed?

I sat through a presentation from a big, bright media agency the other day.


Lessons in brand value from the New York Dolls

I've heard versions of Dave Trott's tales from New York before, but never as brilliantly nailed to what we actually do: build brands. You'll find his story in this week's feature.


It is time for all the digital messiahs to recalibrate

I've spent big chunks of the past few weekends reading entries to WPP's internal Atticus Awards, which I'm judging again this year.


You've charmed the juries. Now to seduce the clients

Apologies for one last Cannes-fest. I'm so over it all, but we must squeeze the last dregs out of the crazy trade-fair whirl and make sure we got our money's worth from the expensive madness.


The brand onion is never part of creative risk-taking

Steve Henry has a wonderful way with willies. He employs them with joyous abandon (in vices/being shaved/hovering around naked flames/at parties... as you do) in his recent Campaign blog, which makes a rather important point about taking risks. Pleas...


Cannes isn't what it used to be - but is that so bad?

First, the disclaimer: if you're not going to Cannes, if you're not obsessed by creativity and you have no intention of working with ambitious clients, then perhaps there are a few things in this global issue of Campaign that you might want to pass q...


We may lose in Cannes or Rio but still rule at home

It's chest-beating, why-didn't-we-win season when we rather enjoy sitting around picking at our collective navel and moaning about why we didn't do better at Cannes and why we haven't won the World Cup. Again.


Claire Beale: We need more, not less, of the cult of creative leaders

I was at one of those industry dinners recently where you get the chance to frock up and listen to someone famous tell you how they got there. I can't remember who the speaker was, but I remember the marketer who bounded up to me at the Champagne bit...


Claire Beale: For David Abbott, plain and simple words are enough

In 1995, David Abbott published an article in D&AD's The Copy Book. It's superb. He begins: "I write with an Artline 200 Fine 0.4 Pentel - blue ink, never black. I generally work on A3 layout pads but will sometimes switch to an A4. Definitely low-te...


Claire Beale: Perils of placing corporate greed over creative deed

Now, where was I? Ah... creativity. I really wanted my first column back in this slot to be a thoroughly indulgent wallow in creativity, face buried sniff/taste deep into brilliant work. But then the Publicis-Omnicom merger collapsed, and creativity ...


Creative excellence is top priority for adland

It's wearily predictable to kick off a new year with a batch of predictions. But this week's issue is a vital road map of what lies ahead, if not exactly for 2013 then for advertising's middle distance.


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