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Papay: Democratization of brands is the industry's new normal

We've democratized our brands with technology.


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Global viewpoint from Sydney

You probably think Australian ad people walk around their agencies wearing board shorts and sandals the whole time. Ha! Of course we don t. That would be foolish. There are more than 2,000 species of spider in this country, many of which are venomous...


On the Campaign couch

Dear Jeremy, my agency needs a new executive creative director. We want a top-caliber person, but don t have the money to outbid other agencies. How else can we woo them? Start by learning how to spell "calibre". No exceptional ECD is going to fin...


Is adland the last bastion of mental-health stigma?

Last week, my teenage daughter casually informed me that the megastar beauty vlogger Zoe Sugg (Zoella to her 5.6 million followers) ran a Q A on her YouTube channel about her personal experience of panic attacks. This is big news and all the more poi...


Tech viewpoint on online ad fraud

Online advertising fraud has caught the headlines recently after the Interactive Advertising Bureau's estimate that as much as 36 per cent of web traffic is considered fake and Twitter revealed that 23 million of its users are bots.


You don't have to be a misery guts to succeed - just ask the toll-road hero

It's August and holiday time, but most successful business people seem to be permanently miserable, whether on holiday or at work.


The BuzzFeed investment shows our industry needs to get to grips with native

The people I know in the UK media business have little time for the terms "native advertising" or "organic reach".


Albion shows Engine how to get a deal over the line

In the annals of corporate acquisitions of UK advertising agencies, Lake Capital's putative purchase of Engine must surely go down as one of the most muddled.


Going from adland to neverland

James Swift meets five adlanders (The Famous Five, if you will) who have swapped one type of scamp for another by fulfilling their dream of writing children's books.


Global viewpoint from New York

The creative energy of New York comes from the tension of its extremes: artists and capitalists; filth and beauty; past and future. And it's just those extremes, staring each other down, mingling and breeding, that I think makes it the best place on ...


On the Campaign couch

A team at my agency were recently (though not too recently; I m not stupid) given Turkey of the Week for an ad they made. They re pretty cut up about it. What s the best way to console them? This presents you with the perfect opportunity to get in...


There's no point yearning for the past because our future is brighter than ever

Nostalgia ain t what it used to be. Can we all stop with the tales about what media used to be about, please? Some say: the art of the media agency used to be to find the perfect spot for a TV ad. I say: this is targeting the right audience at the ...


Tech viewpoint on Oculus Rift

With the completion of the Oculus deal, Facebook has possibly signalled the advent of the next big wave of digital advertising; one that has been impossible to miss: smart wearables, the Internet of Things, Google Glass and so on. It would be silly, ...


Of course media agencies can do content marketing - it's a natural step for us

What is the role of today s "media" agencies? One topic that has arisen is whether they have the credibility, capability or creativity to be serious players in the area of "content marketing". I see it as a natural evolution. Our role has always be...


Jones' exit provides a lesson in culture preservation

With Gwyn Jones' surprise departure from Bartle Bogle Hegarty - the only employer that he has ever known - industry chat has turned to whether the special covenant that Publicis Groupe promised when it fully bought out the shop still stands.


Can Dare finally recapture the spirit of its success?

Like quite a lot of people much smarter than me, I completely screwed up over Dare.


What planners can learn from Clint Eastwood

Be an outsider, put the hours in to become an expert, collaborate with the best talent around... these are all things that can be applied to the planning discipline, Bridget Angear writes.


Do Huntsworth and Engine Group intend to merge?

As Huntsworth's half-year results were looming last week, and as the share price continued to flatline, one suspected the group would pull yet another rabbit from its top hat. Few predicted that rabbit would be Lord Chadlington himself.


A time for reflective silence. From advertisers too

Two powerful and thoughtful pieces of commemorative advertising have already been produced ahead of Monday's centenary of Britain's entry into World War I. Johnny Fearless' sublime and moving piece of animation for the Imperial War Museum is a though...


Global viewpoint from Hong Kong

In the 17 years since the handover, Hong Kong has defied almost every prediction of its demise. It is a hub city in a region wrongly relegated to secondary status when it comes to creativity. But Asia is now exacting revenge through innovation in soc...


Tech viewpoint on multichannel content

Video content is the undisputed jewel in the digital advertising crown. As an online engagement tool, it is in exponential growth, no doubt fuelling, at least in part, yet another revision upwards of online spend in the latest IPA Bellwether Report.


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