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Driving shareholder value through insight


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The Future Foundation helps companies to make better decisions. Decisions which ultimately drive shareholder value.


We view the world through a consumer lens and enable our clients to plan the future with their customers at the epicentre.


We seek to answer the most compelling questions that businesses face today and to inform their actions. Essentially, we are employed to reduce risk, inspire creativity and provide clarity in a complex world.


Since 1996, we have made it our priority to identify the key societal and consumer trends – providing clients with an early warning of what is coming down the track.


We contribute to client businesses in so many different ways – simplifying the complex for them through:


•    Our on-line trend tools – nVision UK, nVision Europe and nVision Global

•    Commissioned projects – Futureproofing, insight to innovation, modelling & forecasting, scenario planning


 In the main, we are brought in by brand owners to:


1.    Instill awareness of the wider operating environment throughout their organisation, to improve their practices in line with the consumer of today;

2.    Concentrate on their offer - including product innovation and positioning;

3.    Inspire their marketing and communications programmes;

4.    Interpret trends and explore how insights can be translated into actions and strategies within the business;

5.    Develop new strategic responses to changing market conditions  and competitive activity;

6.    Stimulate powerful, new collaborative insights and innovative solutions within teams;

7.    Assist multidisciplinary teams to work together on customer-related projects, breaking down silos to help shape outcomes – enhancing the legitimacy of future policies and creating buy-in.


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