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Helen Edwards


Helen Edwards: Brand stories must find a cultural insight to get the emotions going

We have long been used to the idea of studying consumers. It's a given. Marketers accept that the way to success is through insight into their lives and needs.


To rebuild consumer trust, marketers must rein in their impulse to make grand claims

If there is one theme that emerges from the marketing stories of 2013, it is "trust".


Helen Edwards: The value of truly knowing what your brand isn't

So you've emerged from the global workshop and set down your new brand in its pyramid, onion, or whatever happens to be your preferred model.


Helen Edwards: the strategic value of ethnography

Attention young marketers. Here is a proposal to put in front of your chief marketing officer, aka the boss. You want a budget, a big one, to undertake some new consumer research. When asked what you wish to learn, your answer is simple: "I don't kno...


Helen Edwards: Ideating key drivers... and the pitfalls of marketing jargon

Marketers must ditch the buzzwords and jargon and start to speak in plain English if they want to continue to talk to brands about achieving 'clarity'.


Helen Edwards: 'Good enough' is fine for government agency roster

It is time for agencies to understand that procurement professionals consider far more than just the lowest price when making purchase decisions.


Marketers have more in common with private-equity firms than they might think

Many marketers fear private-equity backers; however, despite often very different approaches, both parties have the same goal - the strongest possible brand.


Helen Edwards: scrunch or fold? There's only one place Andrex's ads belong

Far from sparking a national debate, the Andrex 'scrunch or fold' campaign appears to have united - and perplexed - most observers.


Helen Edwards: wisdom of the dead versus the living

It is easy to get swept up in the developing online conversation about marketing theory, but we overlook the contribution of pioneering thinkers at our peril.


Helen Edwards: horsemeat crisis proves marketers have lost sight of the true meaning of brand

When supply-chain issues mean brands no longer seem to stand for what they claim, it is time for marketers to ensure that their products keep their promises.


Helen Edwards: time for a modern alternative to the mystery shopper

Mystery shoppers are, ostensibly, employed to check that a brand's customer charter is being lived up to, but could the budget for them be better spent elsewhere?


Helen Edwards: The written word is dead, long live the written word

Reports of the death of the written word in marketing have been exaggerated: in fact, wordcraft has never been more important to brand communications.


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