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Ian Monk

Should client trust extend to bills?

One way of staying ahead in a recession is to make sure that money earned is in your company's bank account.


The X Factor's manufactured publicity is a well-oiled machine

The annual hype fest of The X Factor is back dominating TV screens and front pages.


Which came first, policies or PR?

Shortly before heading off on holiday, Ed Miliband's office sent an email to shadow ministers asking for 'story ideas' with which to seize headlines during August's silly season.


Welby fails to cast out money lenders

Religion and money lenders have long endured a tortured relationship, with one's attitude to the other often characterised as hypocritical by those who view the wealth of established churches as at odds with their teachings.


Playing dare with the truth

PR professionals don't lie, do we? Of course not. In our clients' interests we may see truth as a many splendour'd thing, sometimes to be viewed through a prism held at oblique angles to the light.


Why not let Pippa have her party?

Is the bubble about to burst for royal cheeky girl Pippa Middleton?


Taking the sting out of press exposes

The sting is now the media's weapon of choice, the guided missile they select from their post-Levesonian armoury to ravage reputation and to restore their own.


Passion is not a marker of ability

Type into Google the phrase 'passionate about what we do', accompanied by 'PR', and a couple of dozen PR companies will pop up declaring the same term of endearment for their work and their clients.


Man U plays Fergie exit to perfection

In 1986 when Alex Ferguson became Manchester United manager, the club had a value of £15m, a sum that might buy a decent midfield player today.


Clifford fails to wilt under media glare

Quite aside from the recent dramas, it's fair to say Max Clifford is one of the more controversial characters in our business. Among his peers he often polarises opinion.


PR has neglected its own reputation

In a week when the profession's reputation and standing in the eyes of Joe Public sank lower than a snake's armpit, it has been hard to shake the feeling that many PR people are indeed cobblers' children.


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