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On the Campaign couch

I am 40 years old and have just discovered this amazing world of copywriting. Is it too late for a career change? It s odd that you ve just discovered copywriting because, at exactly the same time, I ve begun to think that copywriting has more or ...


Ad business needs more like its rebel with a cause

A recent reunion at my village school was a reminder of how much your earliest years shape you. I once made a stab at a career in advertising, but it finished before it began - me having been stumped by the second question on Young & Rubicam's 1994 g...


The first World Cup to go viral - thanks to old and new media convergence

The best World Cup in living memory, despite the inevitable disappointment of England's early departure, beautifully showcased the convergence of "old" and "new" media, where the quality of the football was matched by the entertainment experience.


Global viewpoint from Hamburg

What does the word independent mean to you? For years, I grew in the fertile environment of London's digital agencies, so I can't read the word without seeing the smiles of suddenly rich agency founders as they hand the keys for their funky empire to...


From start-up to corporate beast: the task facing Lund

I had lunch the other day with a former big-agency CEO who went off and did a start-up a couple of years ago.


Tech viewpoint on personalisation

It's the most overused word in marketing and advertising in 2014, so let's drill down to what personalisation actually means. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, it is "the process of making something suitable for the needs of a particular person"...


Take a lead from Carat and recharge your batteries over the summer holidays

School's out for the summer - and so too, for once, is the sunshine. As teachers across the country pick themselves up and begin the healing process, spurred on no doubt by the promise that Michael Gove will not be returning to class in September, th...


'One-night stand' or 'secret affair'?

News broke last week that Air New Zealand is withdrawing its safety video after thousands signed an online petition claiming it was "culturally insensitive". What could possibly be offensive about a set of bikini-clad Sports Illustrated models tel...


We are in the business to create and take risks, not to reassure accountants

We in the media seem to have an overriding obsession with being in the assurance business rather than the invention business.


On the Campaign couch

I am a 5 9" male and often feel that my height affects how I am treated at work. The advertising industry is very competitive, and I feel that taller people have a large advantage. Do you agree and what are your thoughts on this? I ve never been an...


Global viewpoint from Italy

We are sick of old. Especially when old means bureaucracy and needless complexity. In Italy, we have the youngest prime minister in our history and he is riding this newfound sentiment to bring a new way of thinking and doing. A sort of "new deal" ba...


Another busy week for the men who make us spend

All good stories need their heroes and villains. The documentary-maker Jacques Peretti was quick to point the finger at the entire advertising industry being the latter in his over-simplistic rant against consumerism, The Men Who Made Us Spend , on ...


Tech viewpoint on music start-ups

I find myself in an almost unique position, running a tiny non-profit organisation that interacts with large companies and tiny start-ups alike. Unlike our for-profit competition, we re keen to build a network of partners, rather than fleecing our cu...


News brands are keen to set the agenda, but it is a time for collaboration

"The NRS in its current form no longer serves newspaper needs." Not my words but those of Bob Hulks, the ex-independent chairman of the Newspaper Publishers Association Review Group, speaking at the Media Research Group conference back in 1998.


Can the creative/media schism ever be fixed?

I sat through a presentation from a big, bright media agency the other day.


The Commonwealth Games gives us all something to cheer about

Put aside your cynicism and shake off that sports fatigue, "the Friendly Games" maybe aren't so friendly after all.


The First World War is no battleground for brands

Twenty-five years of Magnum, 30 years of the Diet Coke hunk, 150 years of John Lewis


How the iWatch will change advertising forever

Tom Goodwin, a director of the Tomorrow Group, explains how he thinks the iWatch will change advertising forever.


Global viewpoint from New Zealand

It is early winter in New Zealand. The door is open as I sit in shorts, gazing out on to a flat sea disturbed only by the occasional diving gannet.


On the Campaign couch

One of my employees (a bit of a character, to say the least, but a talented art director) has asked permission for time off to appear on a reality TV show. I m worried that he ll act like a fool and drag my agency s good name down with him. Is it rea...


Tech viewpoint on government regulation

Ever since Google Glass entered the public consciousness some 18 months ago, it has divided opinion. For some, it's the poster child of the wearable-tech revolution. For others, it's the gadget equivalent of the emperor's new clothes.


Lessons in brand value from the New York Dolls

I've heard versions of Dave Trott's tales from New York before, but never as brilliantly nailed to what we actually do: build brands. You'll find his story in this week's feature.


Facebook's emotion study offers us all a valuable lesson about openness

I studied Brave New World for O-level. That's how old I am: pre-GCSE. I bet you've come across it somewhere too.


Pemsel's mission to bring back The Guardian's mojo is showing some success

There is one hell of a swagger around The Guardian's Kings Place this week, and it belongs, of course, to David Pemsel.


Global viewpoint from Berlin

In Berlin these days, change is relentless. From an isolated urban island divided by geopolitics and clashing ideologies, the city has rapidly evolved into Germany s only true international megalopolis. Today, the German capital is united by a ste...


Tech viewpoint on social micro-branding

Many are the tactics that brands deploy these days across all platforms of human outreach. Still, consumers in 2014 are in emotional rebellion, causing brands to rethink not just their campaign budgets but their subliminal desires to touch audiences ...


On the Campaign couch

People say creatives have different brains from planners and account people is that true (scientifically) or just a little bit over the top? Opinions differ. Even the universally accepted distinction between the respective functions of the left b...


It is time for all the digital messiahs to recalibrate

I've spent big chunks of the past few weekends reading entries to WPP's internal Atticus Awards, which I'm judging again this year.


Don't exploit the mesh if you should be exploiting the stack

If you haven't spent half an hour in the company of the brilliant and charming controller of commercial digital products at ITV, Jon Block, then I suggest you do so at once.


The end of a special relationship is a reality check

And so, after 35 years, that was the end of that. BMW's brief phone call to WCRS last Wednesday evening put a rather brutal conclusion to one of the most enduring relationships in British advertising.


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