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Commit to authenticity to elevate your brand and inspire customers

The issue of trustworthy content, and a constant drumbeat of assertions that it must be protected at all costs, is hardly novel territory for the PR industry.


Gmail's unsubscribe link and what it means for marketers

Gmail recently rolled out additional changes to its inbox that could have implications for marketers, including an unsubscribe link next to the sender's details in the head of an email.


WhatsApp's scale tells us to alter our tech attitude and focus on evolution

Many years ago, I lived on the West Coast of America and people felt compelled to tell me about their feelings. It was there that I first heard about the idea of learned helplessness. It's a concept from psychology, apparently, first identified by Ma...


Tech viewpoint on user experience

User experience means a variety of things to professionals across design, marketing and technology. So it was refreshing to have an opportunity for reflection on our bigger purpose at the recent UX Hong Kong conference.


Global viewpoint from Germany

Did you ever wonder why Germans are so goddamn successful? The answer is actually quite simple. Because we want to be. Not funny? Yeah, but that's exactly the point. Get rid of any kind of humour and you will experience success made in Germany.


Virgin review shows that no account is sacrosanct

As the seemingly prosaic (but supposedly significant) Smart Meter Central Delivery Body was apparently sending gifts of Guinness, Red Bull, crisps and biscuits to the four agency consortiums that it had selected to pitch for the £85 million ad busine...


Talent gets you to the top; character keeps you there

Reaching the top is relatively easy: it's staying there that's difficult. This was the message from the England football manager, Roy Hodgson, last week to a group of leaders from the advertising and media world.


Nuts will soon be taken off the shelves but is already well past its sell-by date

Cast your mind back to January 2004. It was raining. Franz Ferdinand's Take Me Out was blasting from the radio, fears were mounting that Athens would not be ready in time for the summer Olympics and a new era for British magazines was heralded with t...


The economy of wishes

"Secrets for success in the economy of wishes" - this was the subject of my final panel last week at Advertising Week Europe.


On the Campaign couch

Is it true that the habit of wearing a gold ring in the ear was started by sailors who wanted a safe place to carry their burial money? I m the marketing director of a hearing-aid company I thought there might be something in this. To start with...


Global viewpoint from Moscow

Advertising in Russia does not have the traditional roots of many Western markets. Instead, it is dominated by international brands failing to grasp the mantra: "Think globally, act locally." This, alongside the growing influence of procurement depar...


On the Campaign couch

I ve heard it said that the stricter the rules, the more creative and effective the advertising, with the Benson Hedges campaign cited as the prime example. Do politicians realise this? I don t suppose they do for a moment. But even if they susp...


The smart businesses are investing in things that will make your clients obsolete

There's nothing that feels more dated than virtual reality. It has been the technology pipe dream for so long that it has a multi-generation history of false hope and disappointment.


What price is innovation without strategy?

Innovation is much prized. And for good reason, as the past two centuries have seen change at an unprecedented pace - a pace that seems only to be speeding up.


Content is easy. What you really need is engagement

Occasionally, just occasionally, one sits in an industry conference and feels edified, justified. That happened this week during the News Corp chief executive Robert Thomson's chat with Sir Martin Sorrell at Bafta 195 Piccadilly.


Adland's Maths Men take centre stage, but success does not always add up

Some of you may have noticed: Advertising Week Europe has just hit London town. The four-day industry event bristled with energy and was far better organised in its second year - although still absolute chaos, of course.


British creatives are still setting the gold standard

In just a few short weeks, the advertising industry will make like gypsies heading for the Appleby Horse Fair by decamping en masse to the Côte d'Azur as the Cannes Lions caravan rolls into town.


London Live launch reflects the city's diversity and glitz

In the run up to the launch, there was a lot of talk around energy and diversity from everyone associated with London Live, and it was very apparent from the opening night that this is clearly what they are going to stand for.


Going private to go forward

Over the past few months, Nexage has held a series of industry roundtables in San Francisco, New York, and London. These have brought together publishers, buyers, agencies, trading desks, and advertisers to discuss how best to make mobile advertising...


Tech viewpoint on advertising technology

There has been much discussion about how real-time bidding, programmatic advertising exchanges and big data et al spell doom for the future of advertising as we know it. Strategic technical requirements investment, recruiting non-marketing talent a...


On the Campaign couch

In a recent response to a reader, you said: First a tip. Stop talking about "my brands". They re not your brands. They belong to the company your irksome CEO is paid to run. Sorry to be irksome, but I seem to recall that in your Posh Spice Persi...


Global viewpoint from Manila

I always joke that, when I was first asked what I knew about the Philippines, I replied: "They re a lovely couple." However, the tragedy of Typhoon Haiyan meant that, by 8 November 2013, the watching world was all too familiar with where these island...


Up close and personal, in more ways than one

In a dark hallway waiting to go on stage at the Internet Advertising Bureau conference on real-time advertising, I found myself being fitted for a microphone in close proximity to the Financial Times ' commercial director of digital advertising, J...


Tech viewpoint on authentic photography

At the end of 2013, it was reported that global penetration of smartphones reached 22 per cent, up from 5 per cent in 2009. That s 1.3 billion new handsets. While this has had a profound effect on many things how we communicate, do business, enga...


OgilvyOne under scrutiny after paying price of success

OgilvyOne's loss of the News UK business just days after the British Airways CRM account found a new home lays bare the challenges an agency - and a holding group - faces when one of its most talented and totemic individuals is given a leg up the com...


Click-through as currency shows how brands have got the internet all wrong

If you haven't seen this in a presentation yet, you'll see it very soon: when teens realised Facebook posts in which brands were mentioned rose higher in the News Feed, they began adding brand names to the end of everything.


Stop worrying and learn to love the creative bomb

Steve Henry, once a creative powerhouse behind HHCL and now a co-founder of the digital training business Decoded, accuses today's ad industry of becoming "terrified of making mistakes".


Cast aside your cynicism and admire the audacity of Evgeny Lebedev's aim

We're in the final countdown to the launch of London Live, and I'm unashamedly banging the drum.


Benefits of programmatic mobile advertising

The digital advertising market is undergoing fundamental structural changes driven by two dynamics. The first is consumers' shift to all things mobile. The second is the increasing role technology plays in nearly all aspects of our lives and in virtu...


We're not quite done with changes yet

"You could make a case that the interesting stuff the internet's going to do to the media industry has mostly already happened."


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