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Global viewpoint from Munich

Germany is renowned as a strong economic force but risks becoming equally famous for over-regulation. Arguably, no other country is discussing the National Security Agency, Google and data security so intently or tries to protect its citizens as much...


On the Campaign couch

Should advertisers be held to their straplines? I expect you re thinking about Benjamin Careathers. Some time in 2013, Careathers drank a can of Red Bull and discovered that it didn t give him wings. But he s a sophisticated chap, Careathers; he...


To be the best, agencies might need to quit London

One of those questions we all get asked at the moment is: "What s the biggest change going on in the industry right now?" And we all trot out the same answers mobile, social, content blah blah. Important as these are, surely one of the biggest cha...


All eyes on the next billion smartphones

Big news from the Ig Nobel Prizes this year as one winner explains why banana skins are slippery.


Who'd be an agency CEO in these unforgiving times?

The end-of-year merry-go-round of departing ad agency bosses spins apace and seems to show that the life of a chief executive is in danger of becoming, to quote Thomas Hobbes, increasingly nasty, brutish and short.


My sensors detect an Internet of Stupid Things

I blame Tony Fadell. If the superstar Apple engineer hadn't left to build an Internet of Things business (Fadell being the guy who led the original iPod team and then helped Steve Jobs build something called the iPhone), we wouldn't be in this mess.


Why the days of Mail Online could well be numbered

At the start of the year, I was advised by a senior press leader to "keep my eyes on Northcliffe House" - words that have served me well in 2014.


Tech viewpoint on virtual assistants

The next tech frontier is just round the corner and brands need to be ready. At Mindshare, we have recently carried out "Project Virtual Assistant", a multidisciplinary research collaboration with the Institute of Management Studies at Goldsmiths, Un...


A perfect storm of European data law changes

Recent months have seen major data protection law changes that affect not just UK or EU companies but any companies deemed to be caught by processing EU data. Further seismic changes are also afoot, writes Rafi Azim-Khan, head of marketing law and da...


With momentum and now money behind it, the Vice hype needs to be believed

The bristling excitement among the young masses milling into an East London church as dusk fell was palpable - it had all the hallmarks of a cult, but was in fact a clarion call for advertisers.


Stop lamenting the heady days of media - we need to change with the times

Many seasoned protagonists often bemoan the lack of personalities in our media business today, but such a perspective misses the point.


Tech viewpoint on advertising to children

If you ask politicians what worries them about our industry, eight out of ten would give the same answer: how advertisers talk to kids. Many think advertising shouldn't target them at all.


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