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In an impatient business that's big on self-esteem, do mind your Ps and Qs

Why doesn t anybody write thank you any more? I know this is grumpy-old-git territory, but people rarely bother to write thank you or acknowledge your efforts in writing. Face to face, we are still generally polite. But, electronically, we aren t. ...


On the Campaign couch

Dear Jeremy, How can I improve my persuasive skills? By improving your ability to read other people s minds. Jean Aitchison is a professor of language and communication at the University of Oxford. In 1996, she delivered the Reith Lectures for t...


Global viewpoint from Chicago

A few of us may know Chicago as the site of the first Ferris wheel, created for the World s Fair in 1893 with a brief to outdo the Eiffel Tower, which had been built for the Exposition Universelle in Paris four years earlier. But, as an Englishman ...


Tech viewpoint on programmatic

"Programmatic" it s the word on everybody s lips these days, along with the phrase "content marketing". They are both proving worthy of further investment, but can they be combined to produce a whole greater than the sum of its parts? Some media ...


HiPPO versus HiPo; or why hierarchy can be bad for performance

A knock at the door of a hotel in Amsterdam. Mick Jagger opens the door and – bam! – Charlie Watts punches him in the face.


Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll: welcome to the dark net

It seems Jeremy Lee has - perhaps unwittingly - handed me the pen this week, so I've seized the opportunity to scrawl a few thoughts on that online underworld, the dark net.


Could this be the final roll of the dice for Anomaly?

Carl Johnson's intense frustration at the lack of traction at Anomaly London is palpable in his searingly honest quotes on the front page of this magazine.


Twitter's popularity says as much about TV as it does about social media

Did you know that the main ITV channel generates more Tweets per month than BBC One and BBC Two combined? It's an intriguing finding that has stayed with me since it was shared at ITV's Upfronts event.


Tech viewpoint on beacon-hacking

Picture the scene. You re walking down the wine aisle in Sainsbury s and stop in front of your favourite Chardonnay. Suddenly, your phone goes nuts. It s Asda, two doors down, excitedly telling you it has a two-for-one offer on all Chardonnay, so com...


Global viewpoint from Singapore

I am writing this on a plane from Taipei to Singapore. I am not trying to make you jealous; as any frequent business traveller will say, it is not as glamorous as it sounds. I am telling you this because when I land in Singapore in a couple of hour...


A UK ad revival? Well, the clients appear to think so

Is London once again a regional centre of creative excellence? It's an optimistic (and therefore attractive enough) theory that was put to me by one buoyant agency chief executive recently.


You don't need a filter to see the opportunities that lie beneath Instagram

Imagine launching a media network in the UK using only images, and with no indication about how much it costs to advertise or how many people you can reach. Welcome to the age of Instagram. The international roll-out of an ad service on Facebook s ...


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