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On the Campaign couch

Does where an agency bases its headquarters matter? Yes. Because agencies have been instructive examples of brands since long before an understanding of brands became as centre stage as it is today. As with any brand, an agency s reputation is bui...


Awards success masks our creative shortcomings

This has been a great year for all of us in the UK, right? A more buoyant industry and lots of fantastic work, not to mention a better performance in the awards shows. Wrong. It s not all good news at least, not in my view. This year has felt to...


Global viewpoint from Seattle

Many people think of Seattle as Silicon Valley with more rain but, aside from a love of tech, we re very different places for creative people. Seattle is only the US s 17th-largest city (though, according to Fortune, it is its second-coolest). That...


Tech viewpoint on predictive modelling

Tracking users across devices is complex and, as tech giants such as Apple bring out new devices and Amazon reportedly makes its way into the market of the Internet of Things, the challenge is only set to increase. A myth exists in the industry tha...


Agencies cannot continue to give their ideas away

I'm used to agencies telling me how great they really are, really: just look at all this work, and this smart thinking, and all these tools with silly names.


Why Lewis Hamilton is prepared for agency life

It's awkward question time: What do Lewis Hamilton, President Obama and 1.3 per cent of the UK's advertising and media agency workforce have in common?


I'm confident we can make the future of media equal

When Campaign asked last month "Is the future of media female?", it drew some interesting responses. It really is about time we made progress on this issue.


There are no shortcuts to advertising excellence

We were surprised at the timing of the independent ISBA review of the agency community, and wonder if it helps or hinders the dialogue we are already engaged in. It has been no secret that we have spent the past 18 months inclusively debating how c...


On the Campaign couch

Andrew Ingram writes: In a recent writing workshop, we were discussing the front-page content of a PR company s website. It was about 200 words long and rather vague, talking about outcomes, delivering change, 360-degree reputation management and 24...


Global viewpoint from Hong Kong

Once home to fishermen and farmers, modern Hong Kong is a teeming, commercially vibrant metropolis where Chinese and Western influences fuse. It is a small place and the people are very sensitive to new trends. In the past decade, Hong Kong has had t...


Technology cannot win the battle for hearts and minds

I was struck by a comment on Radio 4's Hidden Histories Of The Information Age: "The weakness of modern strategy is that it is too reliant on technology - the triumph of accuracy of outputs with no impact on outcomes."


As the business changes, know what you stand for

Waking up to Bob Geldof asking for money, again, has made me a tad nostalgic this week, and highlighted the power that comes from having a clear mission.


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