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Welcome to The Annual 2014

Claire Beale global editor-in-chief, Campaign If you ve got to the end of 2014 with any doubt in your mind that advertising is a fantastic industry to work in, settle back and wallow in the following pages. Here you ll find plenty of evidence...


You don't have to be Mel Gibson to please a client

Someone said to me the other day: "Wouldn t it be great if we could hear what clients are really thinking, like in that Mel Gibson film What Women Want ?" You know, the one where he meanders around an ad agency and can hear the inner-thoughts of his...


On the Campaign couch

I m a chief marketing officer with an unabashed passion for advertising. Is it ever wise to consider jumping the fence? By all means consider. Considering doesn t cost you anything. But, before you jump from consideration to activation, please rea...


Global viewpoint from São Paulo

Jabuticaba: a little black fruit you ll only find in Brazil. Jabuticaba syndrome: a typical illness you will also only find in Brazil. It s a condition that compels people to get too easily settled. You will find that sufferers often use the excuse t...


Tech viewpoint on tech democratisation

Forgive the reference to Mad Men, but a sub-plot in this final series prompted a then-versus-now train of thought.


Customer insight is the key to successful brands

Jill McDonald, the UK chief executive of McDonald s, has outlined the key to the fast-food giant s recent turnaround, and it made me think about successful brands. McDonald says a heavy investment in consumer insight has enabled the company to unders...


Creative v media agencies is beginning to get ugly

Last week, the executive creative director of a big ad agency came barrelling up to me, beard twitching, clearly angling for a verbal scrap. I did a quick mental check. Turkey of the Week? Not for a while. Bad review in Private View? Hmm, don t thi...


Love and laugh

The other day I was chatting to the head of a media company about how one of his new recruits had settled in. He said that his new employee, a senior executive, had settled in well, and was already making a great contribution. He'd reported that he'd...


Only one thing is certain in 2015: Hazlitt will be missed

Amid all the leadership changes in the media this year, the one no-one saw coming was last week's abrupt exit of the effervescent Fru Hazlitt from ITV.


How to improve your pitch in 2015

After another year of hefty account reviews, Tom Denford, joint chief executive of global media management consultancy ID Comms, reviews where agencies in Europe can improve in 2015.


Global viewpoint from Seattle

Many people think of Seattle as Silicon Valley with more rain but, aside from a love of tech, we re very different places for creative people. Seattle is only the US s 17th-largest city (though, according to Fortune, it is its second-coolest). That...


Tech viewpoint on predictive modelling

Tracking users across devices is complex and, as tech giants such as Apple bring out new devices and Amazon reportedly makes its way into the market of the Internet of Things, the challenge is only set to increase. A myth exists in the industry tha...


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