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Tech viewpoint on TV on command

In a recent Tech viewpoint, Rightster s Charlie Muirhead quite rightly pointed out that the "success of one channel needn t come at the expense of another". Shortly after this, we did some research that provided proof of his assertion. The numbers ...


On the Campaign couch

I work in the creative department of a marketing services company. My boss is great but just a little bit dull. I suspect that I am far more creative than him. How can I make our output more creative in spite of his lacklustre judgments? It s poss...


Consumers will always find a way to game the system and break rules

Back in the summer (can you remember the summer?), I made time to read Evgeny Morozov s To Save Everything, Click Here and realised our sins will save us. Morozov is peeved about a lot of stuff, specifically innovation for the sake of it and, broad...


Gender always causes a stir, no less so in adland

There's been an awful lot of heat generated over the past week about a piece written in Adweek, by Grey's newly promoted chairman Nils Leonard, on the subject of the creative of the future.


John Lewis has a fight on its hands this Christmas

Was the John Lewis boss, Andy Street, deliberately trying to manage expectations of its Christmas ad campaign with his comments at the recent World Retail Congress? Street - who, later on the train home, managed to offend the French by telling a jour...


As the internet comes of age, it is up to agencies to really show their worth

The celebration this week of ten years of the Internet Advertising Bureau's Engage conference serves as a reminder of just how fast the digital media landscape has developed.


Global viewpoint from Sydney

We Aussies like to believe that we punch above our weight on the world stage. Our designers, such as Marc Newson, have reached the upper echelons of their craft. Our actors, such as Geoffrey Rush, Cate Blanchett and, ahem, Jason Donovan, are among th...


Tech viewpoint on privacy

While we continue to argue over who s to blame for the celebrity nude photo leak, a vital question raised is: just how well do we know our technology? The hackers who found these photos are criminals in the same way a burglar is. But, as more and m...


On the Campaign couch

What s the trick to giving good feedback to work? Never forget that you re looking into someone s pram. I m assuming that, by work, you mean advertising creative work in its earliest and most inchoate form. If its parents could have their wishes ...


Global viewpoint from Amsterdam

Amsterdam has always been a haven for the weird and wonderful of the world to come, hang out and enjoy the finer points of Dutch culture while adding a little bit of their own. I moved here 20 months ago with my laidback girlfriend and neurotic cat, ...


Shared values help keep collective excellence alive

There are a few things we need to talk about this week. Thing one: Peter Mead.


Media agencies function better to the symphonic sounds of Beethoven

At a recent Omnicom conference, someone said that we need rock bands, not rock stars, to make creative and business sense of the diversifying communications landscape; but I think we need orchestras.


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