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Am I being pigeonholed in my current role?

Agony uncle and University of Westminster's visiting professor of PR Trevor Morris gives it to you straight

Trevor Morris: PRWeek's agony uncle

Trevor Morris: PRWeek's agony uncle

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I’ve been with my employer for about seven years, and I’m looking for something new. I’m seeking to change careers within comms but many jobs are so specific in requirements that I feel I lag behind other candidates who have a more varied background on their CVs. Can you offer any advice on how to cross paths, while building on my experience to date?

What you have – hopefully – is depth of experience. While others have been jumping from job to job you have remained faithful, drawing deep from the well of PR understanding. Don’t let potential employers think that you are a boring, grumpy old stick-in-the mud who has been too frightened to change jobs.

Instead impress them with your commitment, trusted adviser status, upbeat personality and depth of PR knowledge. However, if you are a boring old stick-in-the mud then you might be better off staying in the mud.

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