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Which party will use outdoor effectively to lead the 2015 election agenda?

Will fear or cheer carry the most impact on voters and the wider media next year? asks Naren Patel, chief executive of Primesight.


Labour offers election role to Lucky Generals

Labour is expected to drop its original plans to hold a pitch for its general election campaign and has promised Lucky Generals a key role.


Help you run the country? Nah, we're good, thanks

The remarkable transformation of Nigel Farage from the punchline to a smart-arsed political joke to potentially a Parliamentary force looks like being the defining narrative of the upcoming general election. However unpalatable you (and, for the re...


Lessons from the Scottish referendum

So Scotland has voted to stay with the Union but with increased powers for their own parliament.


Scottish Referendum: Battle of the ads

With Scotland preparing to vote in Thursday's independence referendum, Campaign takes a look of the battle of the 'YES' and 'NO' ad campaigns.


The loss of the Govt media buying business is sure to be queried by Sorrell

Few would have predicted it - and, be assured, some are still contesting it - but Sir Martin Sorrell's M4C has all but lost the Government's media buying business. This begs the question: how?


Culture secretary to raise questions about TV licence fee

Culture secretary Sajid Javid will raise questions around the television licence in a presentation to the Royal Television conference today, asking if it is time to decriminalise non-payment in the UK.


Yes, there are fewer cocks in Cameron's Cabinet, but it's not exactly a hen party

The comedian Andy Hamilton summed up how most of us feel about the injection of women into the new Cabinet when he said: "It's nice that Cameron has discovered women so near election time."


PM to appoint Tech City chairman Joanna Shields as digital guru

Prime minister David Cameron is expected to appoint Joanna Shields, Tech City's chairman and ambassador, as his digital tsar.


The Scottish question

To be or not to be a separate country? That is the big debate for the Scots, who will head to the polls in just under two months' time. As the battle to win votes heats up ahead of the 18 September referendum, we asked two senior creatives in Scotlan...


Shoestrings and heartstrings: Scottish independence

How the Let's Stay Together campaign came together by MT Rainey.


Senior adland figures launch star-studded campaign against Scottish independence

Celebrities including Eddie Izzard, Tanni Grey-Thompson and Ross Kemp are to feature in an ad launched today by senior figures in adland as part of a new campaign against Scottish independence.


M&C scoops 'no' to Scottish independence brief

Better Together, the cross-party campaign to encourage Scotland to vote "no" to independence, has hired M&C Saatchi as it counts down to the September referendum.


Scottish 'no' campaign turns to M&C Saatchi

Better Together, the cross party campaign to encourage Scotland to vote no to independence, has hired M&C Saatchi as its creative agency, following a competitive process.


Ukip and the power of challenger brands

Mike Cooper, the global chief executive of PHD, gives his view on what marketers can learn from Ukip and the theory of challenger brands.


Labour accuses Tories over 'partisan' Whitehall adspend

Labour has accused the Government of boosting its communications budget so it can run pro-Conservative campaigns in the run-up to next year's general election.


Google's YouTube, Guardian and Telegraph bid to host 2015 leaders' debate

Google's YouTube is hoping to break the monopoly enjoyed by the terrestrial broadcasters around next year's General Election, by teaming up with The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph in a bid to host a televised leaders' debate.


Adland clichés cannot rival those at Westminster

There's an ad currently on TV that probably tells you rather more about the popular perception of the advertising industry than it does of the brand it is promoting. In fact, I can't remember the name of the advertiser or the sector it's in (it's tha...


Labour to air anti-Clegg film by Lucky Generals

The Labour Party has released a dramatic party political broadcast in the style of a 50s science fiction film that slams Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg as spineless.


UKIP releases Family ad

UKIP has released an ad campaign created by the Edinburgh-based agency Family, featuring the white cliffs of Dover.


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