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As you might expect, people in EC1 have plenty of opportunities to celebrate Christmas differently. Whether it's festive food or merry musicals with a twist, here is our list of the best places in EC1 to feel Christmassy.


Private Hear: December 2014

George Bryant founder and global innovations director,The Brooklyn Brothers, and Owen Lee, executive creative director, FCB Inferno, gave us their take on a selection of ads from the month just gone.


Creative collaboration flowers in Amsterdam

The city's inclusive spirit is a magnet for international talent looking for inspiration


Looking for utopia with agencies in Amsterdam

Collaboration, content and effectiveness were three of the big issues on the agenda as our agency partners met around the table for Campaign's third Adland in Amsterdam debate.


Feeding the beast

Audiences are always hungry for cultural interactions but, unless those communications are conducted correctly, your brand risks being chewed up and spat out


Amsterdam calling: a small hub for a big world

Perhaps it is the city's compactness that forces people to 'think outside the box' and strive for the big idea


Mindset over matter

The way to build a global micro-network is by exporting Amsterdam's open and inclusive philosophy


Home of creative umami

Nowhere else in the world will you find the creative flavours cooked up in Amsterdam's collaborative kitchen


The power of change

Amsterdam's canals should remind everyone who lives and works in the city of the power of innovative design and transformative ideas


Beyond ship and blip

In this age of immediacy, when short-termism rules, advertising could do worse than (re)learn some lessons from the product and platform builders


Campaign CityLive Challenge: Where smart tech meets street fun

A crowdsourced marathon between interactive screens that timed runners and shared their congratulatory selfies is named the winner of the Campaign CityLive Challenge.


Managing the unmanageable: is there a formula for creativity?

It's a question that is as old as advertising itself: How does an agency put a price tag on creativity? How can you place a value on something as intangible as an idea - one that might have been conceived in a flash of inspiration but which ended up ...


Interconnected: Bringing it all back home

Brands are taking more control of their interconnected campaigns and dispensing with the 'lead agency' concept. Is this a better way to make great marcoms or creating a dangerous vacuum, Meg Carter asks


Interconnected: Better Together

With consumers making their own media choices, deserting the high street and finding out about brands on their own terms, agencies are wondering how to join up all the dots. Welcome to the interconnected world. By Stuart Derrick


Interconnected: For true engagement, hail the snail

MBA's model allows brands to market for the way people buy today, and resembles the spiral with the website at its centre - but there are several other factors that link into 'the snail'


Interconnected: Sporting chance: how to engage with fans

Events present a huge opportunity for connecting with an audience, and the sporting arena holds particular appeal for brands seeking to engage customers in relevant ways at scale


Interconnected: Take the sober approach

Don't let your brand become the dribbling fool you avoid at the party - better to win friends and build influence by being authentic and consistent


Interconnected: Tailor your data to make the connection

Data is the common language between marketing functions but, to deliver the best results, marketers need to explore varied sources and understand how to avoid the many pitfalls


Trailblazing: Failing to Succeed

In a new series, the headhunter LIZH seeks out ideas, trends and people who are applying creativity in new and different ways. First up, LIZH examines the notion of failure and how embracing it can lead to great success


Interconnected: Interconnect and innovation will follow

Brands that behave in an interconnected way will stand a better chance of success


Unearthing new boundaries to break

As the world wide web celebrates its first quarter-century, its inventor, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, took to the stage at SapientNitro's latest Idea Exchange event to discuss the ways in which technology, creativity and data will shape the world of brand a...


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