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A bridge worth crossing

There is no grey area in music clearance - get approval early and aim to build long-lasting relationships


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It was a very good year

From tying up with luxury brands to using old classics in ads to some special gigs, 2014 was a year to remember


You can't turn your ears off, so listen up

We all know that music has the power to move us emotionally - but data now suggests it can be just as effective at influencing consumers' brand preferences


A thriving treasure trove

Although production music has become more popular, the sector faces new challenges in the digital age as it evolves


The strategy of soundtracks

Choosing the right song can make a great ad, but developing a musical strategy can help build your brand


Why adland must sing the praises of music

Recognising its power, and how to utilise it fully, is crucial to the future of brands


The Thinkboxes Awards for TV ad creativity

Shortlist November/December Boots 'Homecoming' The brief here was to remind us that Christmas is not just about gift-giving, it s an opportunity to celebrate the special people in our lives. We follow members of one extended family who...


Clear Channel Outdoor Planning Awards 2015

Outdoor played a part in many memorable campaigns last year. Enter the sector's top contest to see which will gain recognition


A day in the life of Arthur Kay

EC1 is a dynamic place with businesses run by people who work and play hard. How do they do it? We have asked a range of the sector's leading lights to tell us how they spend their day. Here, Arthur Kay, co-founder and CEO of bio-bean, the green ener...


A day in the life of Daniel Kaplansky

EC1 is a dynamic place with businesses run by people who work and play hard. How do they do it? We have asked a range of the sector's leading lights to tell us how they spend their day. Here, Daniel Kaplansky, co-founder of LoveThyChef, the gourmet d...


Have an Exciting Christmas in EC1

As you might expect, people in EC1 have plenty of opportunities to celebrate Christmas differently. Whether it's festive food or merry musicals with a twist, here is our list of the best places in EC1 to feel Christmassy.


Private Hear: December 2014

George Bryant founder and global innovations director,The Brooklyn Brothers, and Owen Lee, executive creative director, FCB Inferno, gave us their take on a selection of ads from the month just gone.


Creative collaboration flowers in Amsterdam

The city's inclusive spirit is a magnet for international talent looking for inspiration


Feeding the beast

Audiences are always hungry for cultural interactions but, unless those communications are conducted correctly, your brand risks being chewed up and spat out


Amsterdam calling: a small hub for a big world

Perhaps it is the city's compactness that forces people to 'think outside the box' and strive for the big idea


Mindset over matter

The way to build a global micro-network is by exporting Amsterdam's open and inclusive philosophy


Home of creative umami

Nowhere else in the world will you find the creative flavours cooked up in Amsterdam's collaborative kitchen


The power of change

Amsterdam's canals should remind everyone who lives and works in the city of the power of innovative design and transformative ideas


Beyond ship and blip

In this age of immediacy, when short-termism rules, advertising could do worse than (re)learn some lessons from the product and platform builders


Campaign CityLive Challenge: Where smart tech meets street fun

A crowdsourced marathon between interactive screens that timed runners and shared their congratulatory selfies is named the winner of the Campaign CityLive Challenge.


Looking for utopia with agencies in Amsterdam

Collaboration, content and effectiveness were three of the big issues on the agenda as our agency partners met around the table for Campaign's third Adland in Amsterdam debate.


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