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The economy of wishes

"Secrets for success in the economy of wishes" - this was the subject of my final panel last week at Advertising Week Europe.


What price is innovation without strategy?

Innovation is much prized. And for good reason, as the past two centuries have seen change at an unprecedented pace - a pace that seems only to be speeding up.


Up close and personal, in more ways than one

In a dark hallway waiting to go on stage at the Internet Advertising Bureau conference on real-time advertising, I found myself being fitted for a microphone in close proximity to the Financial Times ' commercial director of digital advertising, J...


We're not quite done with changes yet

"You could make a case that the interesting stuff the internet's going to do to the media industry has mostly already happened."


Prince William has been stood up

I don't know how much interest you have paid to the recent royal outrage: Prince William has been refused a visit – essentially stood up – by New Zealand's Maori king.


Trust the data or trust your gut?

In my experience of management, the more senior alpha males become in an agency, the more they are attracted to making decisions based on gut instinct.


Newspapers and prosperity

The business model for newspapers still troubles the industry. It remains a subject for debate, despite the fact that the audience that they delivered in the good old days is easily obtained in other media. Yet a desire to see recovery in the sector ...


You are what you are ad-served

We all know that postcodes can affect the price of a property. Proximity to a good state school means some postcodes have seriously inflated prices.


Would you have sacked Kevin Pietersen?

"I bet Kevin Pietersen can't believe he's been kicked out of Kevin Pietersen's All Star XI." - @mattwhatsit on Twitter


The strategy is delivery

"The strategy is delivery" is the mantra of the Government Digital Service, the team charged with the digital transformation of government service provision.


Many ways to win

Sir Ben Ainslie, the sailing supremo and Olympic medal-winner - who is the most successful sailor in Olympic history - was quizzed on Desert Island Discs this weekend about his famous battle with the Brazilian sailor Robert Scheidt in 2000.


What's your best interview question?

Google is famous for the intensity and rigour of its recruitment process. It's not easy to get a job there, and those who have done so are rightly proud of their Google-hood.


When you can, you don't

In May, Mark Zuckerberg turns 30.


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