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Sue Unerman


There's no point yearning for the past because our future is brighter than ever

Nostalgia ain t what it used to be. Can we all stop with the tales about what media used to be about, please? Some say: the art of the media agency used to be to find the perfect spot for a TV ad. I say: this is targeting the right audience at the ...


Yes, there are fewer cocks in Cameron's Cabinet, but it's not exactly a hen party

The comedian Andy Hamilton summed up how most of us feel about the injection of women into the new Cabinet when he said: "It's nice that Cameron has discovered women so near election time."


'One-night stand' or 'secret affair'?

News broke last week that Air New Zealand is withdrawing its safety video after thousands signed an online petition claiming it was "culturally insensitive".


Don't exploit the mesh if you should be exploiting the stack

If you haven't spent half an hour in the company of the brilliant and charming controller of commercial digital products at ITV, Jon Block, then I suggest you do so at once.


Always keep moving forward

At MediaCom's conference this week, we heard case studies of two connected partnerships that truly use TV to its full advantage.


Inspired by your team

This week saw the anniversary of the D-Day landings - the invasion of Normandy that changed the course of the Second World War.


Can too much loyalty be bad for you?

Too much loyalty can be a double-edged sword. Whether you're a pop icon, a business leader, a sports team or a brand.


Movies lack alpha females too

Last week, Campaign's Louise Ridley asked me to comment on a piece of research that said that advertising lacked alpha females. The sample size was only 35, but the IPA's statistics confirm that female advertising leadership stands at 26 per cent.


We need to effect behaviour change

Many briefs have an ambition to effect behaviour change, whether explicitly or implicitly. A brief that seeks to drive loyalty, frequency or penetration wants to alter some kind of behaviour habit.


Learn to fall

You have to learn how to fall. This is one of the themes of the international bestselling novel The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair . The twists and turns of the plot include the protagonist getting this advice from his eponymous mentor. No...


You talkin' to me?

"You talkin' to me? Then who the hell else are you talkin'... you talkin' to me?"


What have you done wrong lately?

In reviewing Eels' latest release in The Sunday Times, Mark Edwards writes of its creative lead, E: "In Everett, Eels fans have found someone who makes all the mistakes they do, but is willing to admit it...


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